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The things snails and seafood do to bún

11/30/2016 14:41

With its long history of rice cultivation, Viet Nam cuisine features an endless variety of vermicelli dishes. Each region of the country has their own culinary features in their vermicelli dish.

Seared Foie Gras with Tomato Tatin and Langoustine

11/07/2016 15:28

This November, chef Szurek brings you a new surprise. Considered a French classic, seared foie gras has made its way into the hearts of gourmands with its rich texture and buttery taste. Combined with tomato tatin, seasoned with balsamic vinegar and plated with langoustines, this dish balances rich and light flavours.

Bún chả: a tasty feast of colours and flavours

11/01/2016 16:33

Ha Noi cuisine features a wide variety of dishes with vermicelli. Among them, bun cha (vermicelli with grilled pork and fresh herbs) delights, with its seductive taste and aroma. Nothing is better than savouring bun cha at a small food stand in summer or winter, while the intriguing scent of grilled pork surrounds you.

Japanese artists participate in traditional show

10/17/2016 10:36

A group of Japanese artists from the Kodo Art Group will participated in the monthly traditional music show Chuyen Nhac Pho Co.

Fresh and tasty Japanese food at Akaari 2

08/29/2016 16:08

Fresh imported fish, meat, and local organic vegetables are plastered across the extensive menu at Akaari, an attractively decorated Japanese restaurant in Thanh Xuan District of Ha Noi. Ha Nguyen reports.

A piece of Barcelona in Hà Nội: Arte Spanish Tapas Bar

08/23/2016 15:07

Several months back in Ha Noi passed without a single authentic paella to be found anywhere. Then one glorious day back in March, Arte Spanish Tapas Bar officially opened its doors for business, and life had meaning again.

T-Coffee impresses with tasty ’city pizzza’

08/15/2016 10:19

An imaginative range of city-themed pizzas takes T-Coffee above the level of your normal bistro

Beef lovers sink their teeth into Hanoi Steak

06/30/2016 16:18

Hanoi Steak serves up simple meals for red meat eaters, but all are expertly prepared. Mộc Miên reports.