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Thai guest chefs offer Hanoians a culinary experience to remember

Thai chef Montri Jiratitikankit from Bangkok is at the Sheraton Hanoi Hotel for the Amazing Thai Food festival.

HÀ NỘI — Thai chef Montri Jiratitikankit, who leads the Thai kitchen at the luxury The Athénée Hotel in Bangkok, is in Hà Nội for the Amazing Thai Food festival at the Sheraton Hanoi Hotel.

Jiratitikankit and sous-chef Kanarat Sukyai from the Smooth Curry Restaurant at The Athénée Hotel are presenting Hanoians with a high-class Thai culinary experience.

Guests can explore dozens of Thai dishes on the buffet counter, ranging from appetisers such as chor muang – the flower dumpling – to the hot tom yum goong soup.

The live station has si krong moo yang, which is grilled marinated pork spare rib with spicy chilli sauce, while the dessert counter has mango sticky rice, Thai pumpkin custard and glutinous rice dumplings in coconut milk.

Thai red curry with crab meat and betel leaves accompanied by steamed vermicelli noodles is among dozens of authentic Thai dishes offered by chef Jiratitikankit at the Amazing Thai Food festival in Hà Nội. — Photo courtesy of  Sheraton Hanoi Hotel

Besides tickling the palate with their range of flavours, Thai dishes are also attractive to the eye with their natural vegetable and fruit colours.

Many dishes use red chili, yellow turmeric, dark red beetroot, and green pineapple leaves.

Though cooked with lots of hot spices, Thai food uses many vegetables and fruits, making it nutritious and not fatty.

Lemongrass and lemon used widely in Thai cuisine to add not only flavour but also nutrition.

Jiratitikankit has more than 17 years’ experience and has worked in many Thai restaurants around the world.

Under his "baton", the Thai kitchen at the luxury The Athénée Hotel has won many awards such as the Best Bangkok Restaurant in 2007 and the Best Thai Restaurant in Roseville, California, the US, in 2016.

Amazing Thai Food will go on until June 4 at the Oven D’or Restaurant with buffet style lunch and dinner. — VNS

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