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Cải lương star releases MV to encourge people in COVID-19 fight

Kicker: People’s Artist Lệ Thủy and artists of Trần Hữu Trang Cải Lương Theatre will perform in Niềm Tin (Belief), a MV on love and sharing to inspire people during the fight against COVID-19. The MV will be released on YouTube next week. Photos courtesy of the producer

HCM CITY— People’s Artist and cải lương star Lệ Thuỷ will release an MV on YouTube next week to inspire people during the fight against COVID-19. 

The MV will also feature aritsts of Trần Hữu Trang Cải Lương Theatre. 

On the MV, called Niềm Tin (Belief), Thuỷ and her colleagues will sing vọng cổ (nostalgia) songs about love and sharing during the pandemic. 

These new songs were written by musicians Lâm Viên and Phạm Văn Đằng, and Hoàng Song Việt — owner of the Cải Lương Đại Việt Troupe, a private theatre which opened last year. 

“Our MV will bring optimistic energy to people, particularly doctors and frontline workers in Đà Nẵng Province,” said the 72-year-old Thuỷ, who has more than 60 years of experience in the theatre. 

Thuỷ and her producer are working to invite cải lương performers from around the country to perform in the MV. 

“We hope to encourage and bring joy to people. We wish peace and health for everyone in Việt Nam,” said Thuỷ, adding that people wirking together can overcome the pandemic.

People's Artist Lệ Thuỷ, who has more than 60 years in cải lương, and her colleagues has worked hard to preserve traditional theatre. 

Thuỷ began her career in 1960 after working for the Trâm Vàng Troupe in Đồng Nai Province. Three years later, she became a bright star with her leading role in Bẽ Bàng Duyên Mới (Love Story) staged by the Kim Chung Theatre in Sài Gòn (now HCM City). 

Her voice and dance skills left a strong impression on audiences.

In 1984, she and her colleagues, Bạch Tuyết and Ngọc Giàu, were invited to perform cải lương in France. Their performance impressed many overseas Vietnamese and foreigners.  

She has performed in more than 300 plays, videos and films, including famous historical works Tô Ánh Nguyệt (Ms Tô Ánh Nguyệt) and Câu Thơ Yên Ngựa (Poetry and Saddle).   

She won several top prizes at national traditional theatre competitions and festivals, including the Golden Medal for Best Theatre Actress at the Thanh Tâm Awards (now Trần Hữu Trang Awards presented by the HCM City Theatre Association) in 1964.

Her web series on YouTube, Hồi Ký Một Kiếp Cầm Ca- Sinh Ra Để Hát (Memoirs of a Performer - Born to be on Stage), was released in February and has attracted nearly 3 million views on YouTube.— VNS

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