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Casting for first Vietnamese superhero movie, Vinaman

Candidates auditioning for the Vietnamese superhero had to pass several rounds of fitness tests. Photo courtesy of Studio 88

HCM CITY — Producer Ngô Thanh Vân and her team from Studio 88 held an audition for the first Vietnamese superhero movie, Vinaman, in HCM City on Sunday (October 11).

More than 500 famous and aspiring actors turned up and went through three rounds of tough fitness tests to qualify for the acting test.

Vân said: “Finding suitable faces not only for the main actor but also other roles in the movie is really difficult. Our team wants fresh faces to bring a completely new feeling to audiences.”

She and her company have been preparing for the project for the last four years, she said.

“The world has Superman, Iron Man and Spider Man. How about us? It’s about time Việt Nam has its own superhero with Vietnamese spirit and character.”

The movie would be based on real stories in Việt Nam during the COVID-19 pandemic, she revealed.

She had written on her Facebook fanpage: “I saw many doctors and volunteers in the fight against the virus. I don’t think a superman needs to be the strongest. I believe he should be a person who makes the biggest sacrifice.”

The film is scheduled to hit cinemas next year. VNS

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