Glass a class apart when it comes to paintings

Glass a class apart when it comes to paintings

Duong Van Kinh, 32, an employee of Hue City’s Culture Department, is a rare practitioner and proponent of glass paintings, an art form not in its heyday. But there are reasons to hope for better days, he tells Hue Phong.

Hà Nội Opera House to host Huế culture and tourism event

12/06/2016 17:03

Music, handicraft, cuisine and tourism of Hue will be featured during a programme taking place on December 13-16 at the Ha Noi Opera House.

Flowers warm up winter

11/25/2016 11:21

Flower growing regions are an attractive destination for short getaways. This time of the year, with the first chilly winds blowing through the north, the winter flower season signals travellers to hit the roads.

Forever Young returns for second season

11/01/2016 16:35

The second season of "Forever Young", a soap opera about friendship and love between young people from Viet Nam and South Korea, returns to Vietnamese television screens on November 3.

Canadian diplomats sing Vietnamese folk song

08/01/2016 19:20

The touching Vietnamese folk song Nguoi Oi, Nguoi O Dung Ve (My Darling, Please Don’t Leave) has been performed for the first time ever by a group of diplomats from the Canadian Embassy in Viet Nam and famous singer Tung Duong.

Classic music festival to praise Baroque style

07/25/2016 15:21

Nearly 30 talented classical music artists from Viet Nam and the US will gather to present the beauty of Baroque music -- a style of European classical music from the years 1600 to 1750 -- during the Viet Nam Connection Music Festival.

Street photography brings people together

07/25/2016 15:11

More and more young Vietnamese people are interested in street photography, Vuong Bach Lien reports.

Cool reception to fees for hotline calls

07/20/2016 14:50

Various ministries and agencies have set up hotlines over the years to receive comments and recommendations from the public in order to improve the quality of their service. Hotlines help simplify some bureacratic procedures and signal the public that the ministries are heeding their complaints. But good intentions aside, running hotlines smoothly and effectively is a problem.

Quảng Bình holds first ever sailboat performance

07/15/2016 15:50

Quảng Bình is holding a performance week of sailboats on the Nhật Lệ River in an act to save the tourism industry from the mass fish deaths that have occured since April.

Stone sculpture workshop to commemorate the Martyrs’ Day

07/15/2016 15:39

Over 20 sculptors nationwide are joining a stone sculpture workshop at the Quảng Trị Citadel, a national relic site, in the central province.

Korean firm to help promote music for children

07/14/2016 10:07

Vietnamese children will benefit from the Growing with Music project, being funded by South Korea’s S.M. Entertainment for three years.