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Taxi drivers take safety into their own hands

The taxi with a thick screen protecting the driver.-- Photo
Viet Nam News

After a 26 year-old taxi driver was killed near My Dinh National Stadium, Ha Noi on the evening of January 29, images of a taxi with a protective screen separating the driver appeared online. Users on social media agreed with the taxi driver’s solution, especially after such a brutal murder.

The taxi was identified as belonging to a firm operating in Ha Noi.

However, some wondered whether the installation of the driver’s protective screen could alter the vehicle, making it dangerous to drive. Also, is such a modification approved by road management authorities such as the Viet Nam Road Administration or Ministry of Transport?

On Monday morning, a representative from the taxi company said the installation of the screen was performed by the driver, without the knowledge or approval from bosses.

“It isn’t a company-wide policy,” the representative said on condition of anonymity.

He also explained the installation of the screen could affect the car’s performance. — VNS

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