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Find serenity at 400-year-old pagoda in Quảng Ngãi


HCM CITY — In a cave on the volcanic island cluster of Lý Sơn, the 400-year-old Hang Pagoda adds a soulful serenity, attracting many Buddhists and tourists.

The Hang Pagoda in the central province of Quảng Ngãi acquires its name from its location. Hang means cave in Vietnamese. Formed by a dormant volcano, the cave is 24 m deep, 20 m wide, 3.2 m high and has an area of 480 square meters. Worship spaces are arranged in accordance to the cave’s contours.

According to historical records, the Hang Pagoda originally was the temple of the ethnic Chăm who worshipped Hindu gods. Later, when the Vietnamese explored Lý Sơn in the early 17th century, the temple became a place to worship the Buddha.

Around the pagoda are caves that have offered shelter from storms for centuries. Many cliffs with beautiful patterns shaped by the rain, waves and sea breezes add to the area’s beauty. — VNS

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