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3C Roastery:  a rendezvous for coffee lovers

HIP SPOT: 3C Roastery cafe has become a lovely rendezvous for coffee enthusiasts. Photo courtesy of 3C Roastery

By Lương Thu Hương

When the weather is a little chilly and gloomy with intermittent rain, there is nothing that beats sitting in a cosy café atmosphere, sipping our favourite coffee, having a nice chat with our friends, while observing the raindrops falling.

So when a friend of mine asked me to visit a café she said was highly recommended, I accepted immediately.

3C Roastery is nestled on bustling Phan Kế Bính Street, downtown Hà Nội. It impressed me right away, with the lush vines cascading over the balconies on each floor, nicely decorating the name board. Customers could choose to sit outdoors or indoors from the first to third floors.

The café space is a fusion of classic and modern elements that create a warm and inviting atmosphere with soothing jazz music.

One of the unique spaces in 3C Roastery is the do-it-yourself coffee counter on the second floor. At the counter that is designed as a coffee hub, customers are encouraged to create their own pour-over cup of coffee with the help of baristas.

GET CREATIVE: The DIY coffee counter is on the second floor where customers can make their own coffee. VNS Photo Lương Thu Hương

We ordered our drinks at the counter on the first floor. The menu is diverse. The coffee is divided into creative kind that include creamy bạc xỉu (literally means "hot milk with little coffee"), pandan jelly coffee or espresso, and speciality ones that feature varieties from various countries such as Ethiopia or Kenya.

There were other kinds of beverages to serve customers who want to try something different from coffee, like tea, smoothies or juice. A variety of pastries are also offered, such as croissants, red velvet cake roll or even bánh gio (Vietnamese  traditional cake).

LOCAL CLASSIC: 'Cà phê trứng' (egg coffee) is definitely my favourite. VNS Photo Lương Thu Hương

I selected cà phê trứng (egg coffee) while my friends chose Oolong cream cheese tea and a must-try bạc xỉu white coffee. We moved to the second floor to observe customers make their own coffee, and have a chat with the manager of 3C Roastery, Nguyễn Nhật An.

An explained that “3C” is the abbreviation for Coffee, Connection and Creative, with each of them a guide in each stage of formation and development.

“At the moment, we are focusing on connecting coffee to everyone,” she said.

“We find coffee fascinating, with its various brewing methods, flavours, and colours. Our coffee shop aims to spread that enthusiasm to all. In our menu, we aim to offer the perfect coffee flavour for each client by allowing him to choose the coffee of his preference and have it brewed with a coffee maker by himself."

I have always been an enthusiast of egg coffee, a popular Vietnamese beverage that uses a creamy egg topping, but it really stands out at 3C Roastery -- distinctively delicious and eye-catching. The top layer was decorated with a pretty pattern, making it look exactly like a cup of cappuccino, but with the taste of a creamy tiramisu. 

LESS INTENSE: 'Bạc xỉu' (hot milk with little coffee) is favoured by those who prefer a milder coffee taste. VNS Photo Lương Thu Hương

One of the signature coffees is bạc xỉu . At 3C Roastery, the drink is a mixture of cream, fresh milk, condensed milk, and Robusta coffee brewed from beans. The sweetness of the milk helps to balance out the bitterness of the coffee, creating a harmonious and enjoyable blend of flavours. It is for those who prefer a milder coffee taste or enjoy the combination of coffee and sweetened milk.

Meanwhile, my friend loved her cup of Oolong cream cheese tea.

UNIQUE BEVERAGE: Oolong cream cheese tea. VNS Photo Lương Thu Hương

“It tastes so fantastic. The smooth, creamy cheese layer blends perfectly with the fragrant tea. The clear, chewy tapioca pearls have a delightful crunchy texture and a sweet and refreshing taste. I love how it is beautifully presented with dried orange slices and flower petals,” she said.

3C Roastery also offers creative kinds of 'coffee' for non-coffee drinkers, like pandan jelly coffee, or cold-brewed coffee combined with watermelon and peach.

“We have introduced our creative coffee products to customers, and they really liked them. They use coffee daily and feel more energised after drinking it," An said.

"Some of our regulars have recommended their friends to try our coffee and said: ‘Try the pandan coffee jelly, it smells amazing and won't make you feel too caffeinated'. Such feedback has motivated us to continue innovating in coffee making and providing more options for coffee lovers, helping them enjoy coffee every day.”

The inferior design of the cafe brings a cozy feeling. VNS Photo Lương Thu Hương

3C Roastery also offers a number of experience programmes to bring customers a multidimensional perspective on coffee.

This includes workshops such as "The Art of Latte Art", where participants can learn the skill of pouring latte art designs, as well as hands-on experience in manual coffee brewing and cold brew preparation.

Coffee lovers with an interest in art can join painting workshops held every weekend, which we look forward to attending on our next visit. VNS

3C Roastery

Address: 92 Phan Kế Bính Street, Ba Đình District, Hà Nội

Opening hours: 6:30am to 11pm

Tel: 865981618

Website: facebook.com/3cpkb

Comment: Delightful range of coffee styles amid a warm and inviting space.

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