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Aromatic Duck with Spicy Chilli Sauce

With Chinese chef Ooi Kar Kim of Pan Pacific Hanoi

chef Ooi Kar Kim

Duck meat is extremely flavourful and nutrient-dense. As one of the latest culinary highlights at Ming Restaurant, Aromatic Duck with Spicy Chili Sauce is specially prepared by chef Ooi Kar Kim of Pan Pacific Hanoi.

The duck is marinated for 24 hours with aromatic herb creating a delightful flavour, and then it is deep-fried making the skin crispy with a robust flavour of spicy chilli sauce, promising an unforgettable dining experience.

Aromatic Duck with Spicy Chilli Sauce


  • Whole duck: 1 weighing about 2.5kg
  • Chicken powder: 100g
  • Sugar: 100g
  • Salt: 20g
  • Crispy flour: 15g
  • Cooking oil: 450ml
  • Sesame oil: 20ml
  • Lime: 40g

For the aromatic duck sauce:

  • Shallots: 50g
  • Garlic: 20g
  • Ginger: 25g
  • Spring onion: 20g
  • Red chilli: 20g
  • Chilli padi: 50g
  • Light soya sauce: 8ml
  • Dark sauce: 5ml
  • Oyster sauce: 8ml
  • Yellow bean paste: 120g
  • Five-spice powder: 2g
  • Star anise powder, cinnamon stick, clove: a little
  • Cooking wine: 20g


  • Clean the duck stomach and cut into two halves.
  • Chop shallot, garlic, ginger, spring onion, red chilli and chilli padi into fine pieces.
  • Heat the wok, and add a little cooking oil and sesame oil. Sauté all the chopped ingredients until fragrant. Add a little oyster sauce, yellow bean paste, and sugar in and mix well for two minutes. Then add in water, five-spice powder, star anise powder, cinnamon stick and seasoning to taste. Toss all the ingredients well until thickened to get the aromatic duck marinated sauce.
  • Marinate the duck halves with the sauce for at least 24 hours. Steam the duck for about 2 hours, take it out and remove all the duck bones.
  • Cut the shallot, chilli, ginger, garlic, and chilli padi into fine pieces, and blend them well with a blender. Add lime juice and season to taste to have the spicy chilli sauce.
  • Coat the duck halves with crispy flour. Heat the wok, add cooking oil until 160C, and deep-fry the duck pieces until they turn golden in colour.
  • Chop the duck into small pieces, place them on a plate and garnish with some herbs. Serve the dish with the spicy chilli sauce.

You can enjoy the dish and other savoury dishes at the Ming Restaurant in Pan Pacific Hanoi, 1 Thanh Niên Road, Ba Đình District, Hà Nội, Việt Nam, Tel: +84 (0)24 38238888.

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