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Crispy Chicken Leg with Basil Fried Rice

Crispy Chicken Thigh. Photo courtesy of the Alma

Alma Chef de Cuisine Lê Hữu Nghĩa provides this easy-to-make recipe to help you make crispy chicken legs home. 

Chef de Cuisine Lê Hữu Nghĩa of the Alma Resort Cam Ranh. Photo courtesy of the Alma


-  Chicken leg: 1 piece/350gr

- Soy sauce: 1tsp

- Dark soy sauce: 1tsp

- Chicken stock powder: 1/2tsp

- Oyster sauce: 1tsp

- Cooking oil: 300ml

- Salt: 2gr

- Pepper: 1/2tsp

- Ginger: 10gr

- Lemongrass: 10gr

- Coriander: 5gr

- Bay leaf: 2 leaves

- Basil: 5gr

- Garlic: 2 cloves

- White rice: 50gr

- Mixed Vietnamese herbs

- Shredded water spinach: 30gr

- Vinegar: 5gr

- Sugar: 5gr


- Wash the chicken leg and marinate with soy, dark soy sauce, chicken powder, pepper, ginger, lemongrass, coriander, and basil, then put in a vacuum bag and keep in the chiller overnight

- Slow cook the chicken with the vacuum bag at 65 degrees for 1.1/2 hour (sous vide cooking)

- After it is cooked, take the chicken leg out of the bag and drain the remaining liquid

- Heat the pan with cooking oil to 200 degrees Celsius and deep-fry the chicken for 5 minutes until the leg becomes golden brown and the skin crispy

- Put basil, garlic and 20gr oil into a blender. All ingredients must be well and finely blended

- Now wash the rice to remove all the bran, add 50gr water and put in a rice cooker

- Basil garlic fried rice: Heat the pan with the basil-garlic oil, add the cooked rice and keep stirring for 3 minutes. Season the fried rice with salt

- Mixed the vinegar and sugar separately in a bowl, then add the shredded water spinach


- On a platter, portion the basil garlic fried rice. On top, place the crispy chicken leg and the shredded water spinach. Additionally, some mixed Vietnamese herbs will match this dish perfectly.

Bon appetit!

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