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Croque monsieur

Chef Kulkarni’s secret recipe for croque monsieur, an upgraded version crafted with the finest ingredients.. Photo courtesy of Sheraton Saigon Grand Opera

 "Every day is different and it’s fun!", Executive Chef Shardul Kulkarni says, throwing back his head in laughter. Kulkarni describes his passion for leading the renowned culinary team at Sheraton Saigon Grand Opera.

Hailing from India, Kulkarni gets captivated by the local produce featuring top-notch seafood and fresh vegetables, along with boundless inspiration from seasoned veterans with over 20 years of service for the hotel kitchens.

“I am excited to learn local customs, delve into unique cooking methods, and uncover hidden possibilities within each ingredient every single minute,” he adds.

Creative, motivated, adventurous, Kulkarni goes beyond a chef position as he is indeed a culinary explorer.

Born in France, the croque monsieur with ham and cheese has lured gastronomes for decades. Unveil Chef Kulkarni’s secret recipe and more croque monsieur, the upgraded version crafted with the finest ingredients.

Shardul Kulkarni, executive chef of Sheraton Saigon Grand Opera Hotel.  Photo courtesy of Sheraton Saigon Grand Opera

Croque monsieur

Main ingredients:

- Brown bread (long cut): 2pcs

- Mornaymustar truffle sauce: 60gr

- Ham sliced (4pcs): 80gr

- Iberico ham sliced: 40gr

- Parma ham: 40gr

- Gruyere cheese grated: 80gr

- Butter: 20gr

Garnish and serve:

- Mixed green lettuce: 150gr

- Fries: 150gr

Mornay mustard truffle sauce:

- Fresh milk: 1,000gr

- Cheddar Cheese: 300gr

- Butter: 50gr

- Flour: 50gr

- Salt: 3gr

- Dijon Mustard: 5gr

- Truffle paste: 80gr


Place the filling in the middle of the bread, then press in a panini press.


Cut the sandwich in half diagonally and enjoy it hot and melty. You can serve it with a side salad, fries, or pickles. VNS

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