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Embracing vegetable delights at a time to reflect

Now is the time for reflection, a time to remember those who went before us. Parents, grandparents, ancestors. If it wasn’t for their nurturing care, who would we be today?

This is the season of Vu Lan, the second biggest festival in the calendar after Tết Lunar New Year. It is considered the time those who passed, reveal themselves, a time for us to be thankful for their sacrifices and efforts that made us what we are.

It is also the right time to cherish what we have today, in the living world. And what better way to do so, than at Quán Ăn Ngon Chain.

Ngon Garden, Món Ngon Sài Thành and Quán Ăn Ngon restaurants remind you to remember and spend time for your family and loved ones.

The Embracing the Vegan Season in the Street Garden collection offers new and plentiful macrobiotic vegetarian dishes, available throughout the Vu Lan season from the seventh month to Mid-Autumn Festival in the eighth lunar month of this year.

Visit Quán Ăn Ngon (18 Phan Bội Châu Street), Ngon Garden (70 Nguyễn Du Str); Món Ngon Sài Thành (8 Dã Tượng and 59A Huỳnh Thúc Kháng Strs); First Floor- Building 25T2 Hoàng Đạo Thúy Str and B2 Vimcom Royal City to experience this wonderful menu.

“We believe that you will love our new tasty and delicious macrobiotic vegetarian collection as you’ve cherished our dishes over the past 18 years,” said Phạm Bích Hạnh, General Director and CEO of Phúc Hưng Thịnh Co. that established the Quán Ăn Ngon Chain.

“We wish that each day and season will bring you tranquillity and inner peace, where all things and endeavours flourish, thrive and unfold harmoniously,” Hạnh said.

Dishes in the collection are:

* Cuốn nấm rau rừng (Mushroom & jungle veggies rolls) VNĐ105,000 

Combining various types of mushrooms and jicama, skilfully prepared with a special recipe and wrapped with jungle vegetables, accompanied by a sauce made from sesame paste, lemongrass, and coconut milk, this dish makes for the perfect appetizer.

Mushroom & jungle vegetable rolls. Photos courtesy of Quán Ăn Ngon Chain

*Gỏi bốn mùa tươi xanh (Four season flowers salad) VNĐ135,000

Since Hà Nội experiences 12 flower seasons, Quán Ăn Ngon offers 12 seasons of delicacies. Whatever season comes, there’s the Four Seasons Flower Salad, a dish crafted from seasonal flowers, accompanied by special techniques refined by vegetarian culinary experts, creating a refreshing, light and wholesome appetizer.  

*Gỏi đu đủ sốt Thái (Papaya salad with Thai cuisine) VNĐ95,000

Inspired by a cherished appetizer from Thailand, the land of the Golden Temple, the chefs at Quán Ăn Ngon Kitchen have ingeniously transformed it into a unique vegetarian dish while preserving the quintessential Vietnamese flavours. The secret lies in the utilisation of kaffir lime leaves, yardlong beans, and the renowned Hanoian Mơ tofu. This culinary masterpiece guarantees an extraordinary experience that is certainly worth trying.

*Thu Hà Nội (Hà Nôi Autumn dish) VNĐ95,000

This crispy and fragrant main dish blends the creamy richness of fresh, silky bean curd, the renowned Hanoian Mơ tofu, and the delightful sweetness of young sticky rice, all coated with a secret layer of flour and sauce. If you are satisfied after one serving, do not hurry to order more, because we still have many enticing vegetarian dishes to offer.

*Cà ri sake (breadfruit curry) VNĐ195,000

This dish is inspired by Thai green curry, infused with the fragrant and earthy flavours of breadfruit, cooked alongside green curry sauce, and accented with various vegetables. This main should be enjoyed with rice vermicelli, and it will be delightful if you choose to savour it with bread.

Breadfruit curry.

*Cơm sen Huế gạo lứt (Huế lotus brown rice) VNĐ95,000

Brown rice and sprouted rice are recommended for those dealing with obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. A mixed dish, not fried, harmoniously combined with fresh lotus seeds from Huế and various types of vegetables, presents an experience you should try. Let’s enjoy this meal together, so your appetite can continue to explore many enticing options in the Vegetation collection at Ngon Garden, Quán Ăn Ngon and Món Ngon Sài Thành restaurants.

* Mì vàng rau củ (Vegetable noodles) VNĐ95,000

Special noodles supplemented with mushrooms, and assorted vegetables, offer a profoundly flavourful yet light taste. Even though the flavours blend harmoniously, each distinct taste remains discernible when savoured.

*Miến măng nấm (Mushroom bamboo shoot noodle) VNĐ75,000

A refreshing and light dish featuring a broth made from various special mushrooms that contribute a sweet taste and a delightfully chewy texture.

* Rau củ hấp (Kho quẹt chay steamed vegetables with vegetarian sauce) VNĐ105,000

This dish is a rustic and popular dish infused with the distinctive flavours of the people from the Western and Southern regions of Việt Nam. Rich in savoury sauce and balanced with the natural sweetness of steamed vegetables, this dish is becoming an increasingly popular choice for those embracing a green healthy lifestyle.

Steamed vegetables with vegetarian sauce.

*Lẩu hoa quả (fruit hotpot) VNĐ495,000 (large) and VNĐ270,000 (small):

This dish is a delicate tasty broth crafted from fresh fruits, accompanied by a full combo of various vegetables and enticing toppings. This dish is exceptionally suitable for groups of four or more, offering a delightful culinary experience.

Fruit hotpot.

 *Phở xào rau củ (Stir fried phở with veggies) VNĐ95,000

The dish is tasty and fragrant with mushrooms, harmony from vegetables, rich in sauce and permeated in every fibre of phở. Thai people are proud of their Pad Thai dish and we can be more than proud of our Vietnamese phở.

*Miến xào rau củ (Stir fried miến noodle with veggies) VNĐ95,000

Miến noodle is a cooling dish that helps soothe and refresh the body. It incorporates various types of vegetarian vegetables, offering a harmonious blend of sweet and aromatic flavours. It is an excellent main course option before exploring delectable deserts at Quán Ăn Ngon Chain.

*Cơm chiên tay cầm (fried rice) VNĐ95,000

The main course carries a warm essence, accentuated by the presence of lemongrass and ginger fish sauce, two ingredients likened to the very heart and soul of the dish. The aromatic touch of lemongrass and the crispness of the rice crust which forms on the bottom of the clay pot, serving as the special secret behind this remarkable dish.

*Hàu thủ om tóc tiên (Oyster mushroom stewed with fat choy) VNĐ155,000

The main dish is a combination of noble and nutritious oyster mushrooms along with choy, a precious gift from nature, excellent for nourishment.

Oyster mushroom stewed with fat choy.

*Nấm bào ngư hấp chanh sả (Abalone mushroom steamed with lemongrass) VNĐ125,000

A dish that will make you say “wow” from the very first bite. It’s not about being vegetarian but appreciating a savoury taste. So good, you might find yourself double-checking if the restaurant accidentally served you a non-vegetarian dish.

*Tempura rau củ (Vegetable tempura) VNĐ95,000

Tempura, a dish originating from Japan, was once acclaimed as the world’s finest delicacy. The crisp, airy texture of the coating, coupled with the distinct sweet aroma of various vegetables, is undeniably an unforgettable experience.

*Chè sen nhãn trái dừa (Lotus seed longan coconut porridge) VNĐ95,000

Lotus seed longan coconut porridge.

*Trà hoa cúc (Chamomile tea) VNĐ45,000 (glass) and VNĐ165,000 (pot).

*Trà đại mạch (Barley tea) VNĐ45,000 (glass) and VNĐ165,000 (pot).

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