Friday, 01/07/2022 16:41

Fanta Grape now more deliciously fizzy and poppin’

Fanta Grape, the well-loved fizzy fun drink of so many Vietnamese has been given a new and improved delicious purple twist, according to Coca-Cola Vietnam .

Marketing Manager of Coca-Cola Vietnam, Nguyễn Lan Yến, said: “Fanta® has always been one of the most fun and vibrant brands under Coca-Cola. Since 1992, the brand has introduced different variants across a wide range of fruity flavours including Fanta® Grape, which we launched in June 2022.

Coca-Cola launches a new and more delicious Fanta Grape to meet increasing demand. Photo Coca Cola

We know how much people look forward to trying out exciting new drinks and we hope that they will also continue to enjoy and love Fanta® Grape in its new fizzier version, too.”

The grape flavour is a favourite, next to Fanta® Orange, of many people across the world. With this delicious and underrated fruit, now one of the staple variants in Coca-Cola Vietnam’s beverage portfolio, it hopes people can look forward to enjoying more fun and playful snack time with friends and family.  VNS

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