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Foodies impressed with Dã Tượng flower restaurant

Thanh Hà

Locals and foreign guests to Hà Nội may be very impressed with the Flower Forest in Hà Nội’s 8 Dã Tượng Street’s Ngon Sài Gòn Restaurant during the country’s big Reunification Day on April 30.

Ngon Sài Gòn Restaurant decorated with thousands of fresh flowers to celebrate the nation's Unification Day. Photos by Quán Ăn Ngon Restaurant Chain

“We decided to tour the restaurant to experience decorated fresh flowers and original southern tasty dishes during the Reunification holiday, instead of flying to tourism sites as usual,” Lê Thu Hà in Hà Nội said.

Guests can enjoy flowers throughout Ngon Sài Gòn restaurant.

She added that the flower restaurant helps diners to truly relax during these holidays.

Phạm Bích Hạnh, owner and CEO of Quán Ăn Ngon restaurant chain which includes Ngon Sài Gòn restaurant, said she has invited floral designer Hoàng Khánh to set up the flower forest, also known as the Garden of Freedom, to celebrate the country’s Reunification Day.

Roses are one of the main flowers at the Flower Forest restaurant.

Khánh said the garden, decorated with main colours of red, green, white and yellow, also aimed to express sincere thanks to previous generations who made great service to the nation.

Khánh chose and combined fresh flowers such as roses from Hà Nội and Đà Lạt to imported flowers such as Persian buttercup from Japan, Columbia and other countries

“I used a lot of local flowers to preserve the value of Vietnamese farm produce while combining modern and international diversity into my work,” he said.

Floral designer Hoàng Khánh contemplates his creations.

Khánh has decorated the stairs from the first floor with roses, and guests will be fascinated with red roses from Ecuador, gloriosa from Japan and also flowers from other foreign countries.

Khánh, with 25 years of experience in fresh flower decoration, has created flower decorative displays for many big events organized at Ngon Garden restaurant which belongs to Quán Ăn Ngon chain.

The stairs are decorated with Roses from the first floor.

“Hạnh and I shared our flower love in an effort to give the Ngon Sài Gòn restaurant new fresh flower displays to mark the Unification Day,” said Khánh.

Hạnh said she has ordered thousands of fresh flowers in an effort to turn the restaurant into a flower forest so “all corners of the restaurant will be places for visitors and foodies to check-in".

“Nowadays foodies enjoy dishes not only in gustation but also in senses: eating, contemplating and feeling. We wish to bring foodies a new space offering a combination of classic and modern aspects of Sài Gòn [former name of HCM City], in the past and at the present," she said.

Imported flowers are also available at the Fresh Flower restaurant.

“Ngon Sài Gòn Restaurant confidently serves foodies and guests excellent tasty dishes in this cultural space reflecting Sài Gòn people’s enthusiastic, frank and lovable nature,” Hạnh told Việt Nam News, adding that enjoying southern flavours  in the Fresh Flower restaurant in the atmosphere of welcoming victory will be an unforgettable experience in this holiday. VNS

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