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Grilled chicken wings with five-spice powder

Chef Lê Đức Hải of Ngon Garden Restaurant

Grilled chicken wings with five-spice powder (for 4 persons)


-    Chicken wings: 500 gr

-    Minced garlic: 2 tsp

-    Minced shallot: 1 tsp

-    Five-spice powder: 1 tsp

-    Cashew oil: 2 tsp

-    Broth mix, salt, sugar and ginger 

Grilled chicken wings with five-spice powder

How to prepare the chicken wings:

Clean the chicken wings with water and soak in salted water for 5 minutes, wash them again with clean water and let cool then soaked with white wine mixed with minced ginger to eliminate any bad smell.

You can soak the wings in water mixed with lime juice for 20 minutes. Use a sharp knife to skew into the wings so it is easy to marinate with spice.

Marinate the chicken wings with the above ingredients for 2 hours.

To grill with an oil-free fryer:

Turn on the oil-free fryer to 180C in 15 minutes in advance. Spread stencils inside the fryer and start grilling the soaked chicken wings for 7 minutes then take the baking tray out to turn the wings and continue to grill for another 8 minutes.

(If you do not have an oil-free fryer, you can use an oven to grill the wings at 200C for 20 minutes)

Completed dish:

The chicken wings are in attractive yellow-red colour, crispy and rich with five-spice powder flavour. They are more enjoyable when dipped in chili sauce or ketchup.

Diners are invited to try the dish at Ngon Garden Restaurant at Hà Nội’s 70 Nguyễn Du Street. VNS

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