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Keang Ped Gai (Thai red chicken curry)

Keang Ped Gai

Thai guest chef Burin Pongchang from Feast Restaurant under Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotels & Towers Bangkok made the signature Thai dish at the special Asian food event Straight Outta Bangkok held at Sheraton Saigon Hotel. 

With more than 30 years of experience, Chef Burin Pongchang has presented Thai food at international Thai promotions in China, Malaysia and beyond.

One of the most popular street foods of Thailand, Keang Ped Gai, has a great depth of flavour. It is spicy and delicious. A lover of Thai food, you should not miss trying the recipe at your home kitchen.

Sous Chef Burin Pongchang


Chicken breast slice: 1kg

Eggplant, cut medium dice: 0.5kg

Hot basil: 100g

Thai bird chili: 10g

Thai red curry paste (store bought): 50g

Coconut milk: 400ml   


  • Bring 250ml of coconut milk to a boil, add curry paste and stir to break up lumps.
  • Continue cooking and reducing over medium high heat until it is very thick and the coconut oil starts separating oil from the curry paste.
  •  Add the chicken and toss to mix with the paste.
  •  Add the remaining 150ml of coconut milk.
  •  Stir in the eggplant and simmer for about five minutes.
  •  Remove from heat and adjust seasoning.
  •  Add in hot basil and Thai bird chili.
  •  Enjoy immediately with white rice. VNS

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