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Perfect Marans egg with mayonnaise, truffles


Marans egg, mayonnaise, truffles

 with Chef Hervé Rodriguez at Hervé Dining Restaurant in Hồ Chí Minh City


- 6 Marans eggs

- 50g mustard

- Lemon juice

- 100g of fresh truffles

- 100ml of truffle juice

-150 ml grapeseed oil

-100ml truffle oil

- 100g Chinese noodles

- 50ml veal jus

- 50g butter

- Salt and pepper

- A little chickweed


Chef Hervé Rodriguez


The day before:

- Heat 70ml of truffle juice and pour over the truffles, leave to infuse for one hour and dry in the oven at 60°C overnight, the next day, reduce this mixture to a powder.

On the day:

- Cook the Marans eggs for one hour at 62°C in a steam oven or a Thermo plunger

- Mayonnaise: combine two eggs and two yolks in a bowl, add lemon juice, mustard seed oil, truffle oil, and 10ml of salted truffle juice and pepper. Mix everything and put in a siphon with a cartridge. Keep in a bain-marie at 60°C.

- Cook the two remaining eggs in water for 10 minutes, cool and chop.

- Boil the veal juice add the remaining 20ml of truffle juice, chop and add 50g of fresh truffles, salt and pepper and whip with 50g of butter.

- Place a cloud of hot mayonnaise on a hot plate, gently peel the Marans egg, place it on a large tablespoon because it is very fragile and then lay it down on the cloud of mayonnaise. Place fleur de sel on the egg on the side, lay the truffle sauce sprinkle with the truffle powder and finish generously with the truffles that you have cut into thin strips, and then add the chickweed. 


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