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Roasted Herbal Ginseng Chicken

Executive Chef Chef Zack Truong from Pan Pacific Hanoi

When it comes to herbs with health benefits, herbal ginseng is on top of the list. Packed with potent antioxidants, ginseng has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries to help boost the immune system and overall wellbeing.

Additionally, chicken offers high-quality protein and beneficial nutrients for proper body functioning.

These two exquisite components combined into an extraordinary dish called Roasted Herbal Ginseng Chicken - which has satisfied many guests with its healthy features and savoury taste, putting its name on the map as a culinary signature from Ming Restaurant at Pan Pacific Hanoi.


  • Liquid malt sugar: 150g
  • Vinegar red: 35ml
  • Vinegar white: 35ml
  • Chinese wine: 35ml
  • Baking soda/ Bicarbonate soda: 1g
  • Chicken stuffing
  • Chicken: 1.8kg
  • Ginger slice: 2g
  • Chuan Kong herbs: 1g
  • Wolfberry herbs: 1g
  • Ginseng: 1g
  • Cinnamon stick: 1g
  • Spring onion: 5g
  • Five spice powder: 1g
  • Salt: 10g
Roasted Herbal Ginseng Chicken


  • Clean the chicken inside out.
  • Heat the pan, add a little cooking oil and fry the five-spice powder with salt until fragrant.
  • Soak Chuan Kong herbs, ginseng, and wolfberry herbs in a tray of water until soft.
  • Set up a small boil pot, then boil the liquid malt sugar with red and white vinegar and baking soda as chicken skin water.   
  • Stuff the herbs, spring onion, cinnamon stick, five spice salt, and ginger slices inside the cleaned chicken belly and use a chicken skewer to close it up.       
  • Boil the chicken with white vinegar and coat it with the chicken skin water.
  • Dry the boiled chicken for 4 hours.
  • Set the chicken inside a roasting oven for 30 minutes.
  • Chop the chicken into small pieces, place them on a plate and garnish with wolfberry herbs.
  • Serve!

You can enjoy the dish and other savoury dishes at the Ming Restaurant in Pan Pacific Hanoi, 1 Thanh Niên Road, Ba Đình District, Hà Nội, Việt Nam, Tel: +84 (0)24 38238888.

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