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Saladstop!: tasty yet healthy meals in HCM City

The salad restaurant Saladstop! is located in District 2, where many expats live. – VNS Photo Việt Dũng

By Việt Dũng

 Salad has never been one of my favoured dishes, but a visit to District 2’s Saladstop! soon changed my mind.

The eatery can be found on Xuân Thủy Street, where many restaurants have opened to appeal to the large population of expats living there.

After entering the restaurant, the first thing that caught my eye was its open salad bar, with many fresh and delicious-looking ingredients visible to everyone, including fresh vegetables, meat, sauces, corn, and must-have toppings.

The inside of the restaurant itself is spacious and inviting, and the bamboo chairs lend a green and healthy vibe, fitting for a salad bar.

Diners can look at how the cooks delicately prepare their meals from start to finish, which is delightful to watch and fills diners with anticipation.

I ordered one of their signature dishes, the “Java Sunrise” salad. After a few minutes of waiting, enjoying the cosy atmosphere, I picked up my meal: a salad bowl with a generous heap of mouth-watering toppings, which surpassed my expectation.

I went along with a friend who has similar views to me regarding salad: a healthy side dish to ensure your fibre intake, sure, but never the main meal itself.

Yet we were both surprised at how much we enjoyed our meal and how irresistible it was.

A bowl of 'Java Sunrise' salad with an abundance of tasty toppings and savoury sauce. – VNS Photo Việt Dũng

The fresh romaine lettuce was drizzled with the rich, peanut vinaigrette and topped with grilled tofu chunks and plenty of deliciously cooked lemongrass chicken (which added a delightful spicy tang). The dish was impossible to put down once you started digging in.

A sliced boiled egg also added a much-needed creaminess to balance the richly flavourful salad. Extra toppings such as peanuts and carrot shreds tied the whole dish into a satisfying dining experience.

We ordered a "Berrylicious" smoothie made with raspberry, strawberry, blackberry and coconut. The healthy and fruity drink did a great job of balancing out the salad, which was a little too salty for me by the end.

The “Java Sunrise” bowl was VNĐ125,000 (US$5), which is more expensive than an average salad dish elsewhere, but the sheer amount of tasty toppings available more than made up for it.

Our smoothie was VNĐ85,000, but the restaurant has a special deal where any salad plus a smoothie only costs VNĐ185,000, which makes for an affordable and filling meal.

We were so satisfied with the restaurant that we even ordered a salad home the next day via Grab Food. This time we went for the classic Caesar salad named "Hail Caesar".

While not as deliciously memorable as the Java Sunrise, it was a fine meal. The crispy bacon bits, croutons and cheese paired wonderfully with the romaine lettuce dressed in a rich, creamy sauce.

A bowl of home-delivered 'Hail Caesar' salad may appeal to anyone hungry for the classic dish. VNS Photo Việt Dũng

Saladstop! is an international chain that spans many countries, such as Singapore, the Philippines, Japan, Spain and Korea. In HCM City, there is another branch at District 1’s Plaza Saigon.

In addition to various salad dishes (with ingredients such as tuna, avocado, salmon, roast chicken and soba noodles), its menu also features a wide range of other healthy dishes, including quinoa and red rice meals, quesadilla, and juices.

If you’re hungry and want a tasty and filling meal, do not feel ashamed of yourself and give Saladstop! a try. – VNS


Address: 54 Xuân Thủy, Thảo Điền Ward, District 2, HCM City

Tel: 028 7300 3570

Opening hours: 9:30am to 9:30pm

Comment: A great salad bar with a wide variety of delicious meals for any health-conscious diner.

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