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Vietnamese Phở leaves impression at Czech cook show

Vietnamese chefs show participants how to prepare, process, and enjoy Phở, and its meaning. VNA Photo

PRAGUE - Phở, a Vietnamese traditional noodle soup, left an impression among diners at ASEAN Cook Show 2024, which was hosted by the ASEAN Committee in Prague (ACP) on May 16.

The event saw the participation of a large number of chefs from famous restaurants and hotels of ASEAN member countries in Prague and guests from diplomatic corps in the Czech Republic.

Vietnamese chefs showed participants how to prepare, process, and enjoy Phở and its meaning.

Chefs from other ASEAN countries brought typical dishes of Southeast Asia such as Laab Gai (Thailand), Suman (Philippines), Bebek Betutu (Indonesia), Roji Jaja & and Kari Ayam (Malaysia), and Shwe Htamin (Myanmar).

Addressing the event, Ambassador Dương Hoài Nam said Phở is one of the most typical dishes of Việt Nam, chosen to represent Việt Nam on the world culinary map.

The diplomat applauded the ACP's initiative to promote the quintessence of Southeast Asia's culinary culture to Czech people and international friends.

Along with the history of formation and development of the Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic, Vietnamese cuisine is also becoming increasingly popular in the European nation with more and more Vietnamese restaurants opening. 

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