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Ancient costumes on show to celebrate heritage day

HÀ NỘI – As many as 100 traditional costumes of various periods throughout history were on display in downtown Hà Nội yesterday to celebrate Việt Nam Culture Heritage Day.

The event was co-hosted by the Vietnam Federation of UNESCO Associations (VFUA), the UNESCO Centre for Supporting Vietnamese Arts Preservation and Development and the Business Forum Magazine.

Dozens of speakers discussed solutions to develop Vietnamese cultural identity to combine it with economic development.

Royal costumes from the Nguyễn Dynasty. Photos courtesy of the organisers

The ancient costumes were designed by Đại Việt Quán Old Costume, Đại Việt Phong Hoa, Đa La Xước Phục, Đông Phong, V Styles, Z and N. Most of the designers are young people, who do serious research and remake costumes, accessories and weapons.

The designers have gained income from offering old costumes and objects for rent. Most of their customers are students and young people, who use the costumes for weddings, special events and create a new trend from old costumes in modern life.

Trần Huy Khôi, the initiator of Đa La Xước Phục, said this event is a good chance for him to advertise cultural products as well as recognise efforts of researchers like him to remake old costumes.

Many new versions of áo dài (traditional long dress) are on show at the event as well.

Trần Văn Mạnh, Deputy General Secretary of VFUA confirmed heritage has a great meaning in national development.

An áo dài for men under the Nguyễn Dynasty.

“Việt Nam has many valuable traditional customs handed down over thousands of years,” he said. “The country has spectacular mountains and rivers with many wonders of architecture, history and culture that have unique values. There are thousands of historical and cultural sites. Hence, Việt Nam really has a great potential in culture and has the advantage to develop economic sectors based on exploiting the heritage’s economic values.” VNS

A costume remade from a sculpture of Buddhist monk Nguyễn Thị Thanh, alias Diệu Tịnh in Đại Bi Pagoda, Gia Lâm District, Hà Nội.

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