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Artists offer online training courses during COVID-19 pandemic

Artists in HCM City are offering online training courses in theatre and film-making on YouTube as their way to encourage fans in the virus fight. — Photo courtesy of Sun&Moon

HCM CITY — Artists in HCM City are providing online training courses in theatre and film-making on YouTube to encourage fans during the pandemic. 

Film director Võ Thanh Hòa offers a film-making programme on his Facebook fan page targeting students from art schools and young people involved in movies. 

Through his programme, Hòa has shared information, skills and experiences in film, including casting, shooting, and pre-and post-production.

Basic knowledge and latest information about independent film-making are featured, and script writing and casting courses are also included.  

Hòa’s programme has included online workshops on topics about documentaries, short films, feature films and TV series. Challenges that young filmmakers face today are also discussed. 

“Through my online programme, I hope amateurs and professionals have a chance to learn and improve their knowledge and skills,” Hòa, who has 22 years in the industry, said after his programme launched in May. 

Hòa has directed and produced 20 TV series and films. 

“Hòa’s online programme encourages young filmmakers and provides them with new knowledge and lessons on filming,” said Nguyễn Hoàng Ngân, a second-year student at the HCM City University of Theatre & Cinematography.   

Another artist providing online courses is master of ceremonies Thanh Thảo, who began her career in 2003 and works for leading television stations in the South, including Hồ Chí Minh City Television. 

Master of ceremony Thanh Thảo offers communication and presentation skill courses on YouTube for adults and children aged 10-15.  She also offers classes on TV and video productions.  — Photo courtesy of Sun&Moon

She has produced many TV game shows, such as Nhịp Cầu Âm Nhạc (The Bridge Connects Music and Fans) and Vietnam Idol, a Vietnamese version of the American reality TV show American Idol

She is the founder and art director of Sun & Moon, a private centre for language and communication skills for children.  

Thảo offers communication and presentation skill courses on YouTube for adults and children aged 10-15.

She also offers classes on TV and video productions.  

“I have worked to guarantee that my online training for children has the quality and provides youth with entertainment and education,” said Thảo, who offered only offline training courses before the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“While each of my courses includes 10-15 child members, the course for adults has eight.” 

“I hope my online training on YouTube will help adults and children enjoy and improve their skills while they stay at home,” she said. 

Thảo has offered seven online courses since the lockdown under Government Directive 16 starting July 9 in HCM City. 

Meanwhile, actor Quang Quý of the Voice of HCM City People (VOH) is working with his staff to release videos on YouTube. 

His videos feature his experience in radio and presenting skills. The skills needed to be a Radio DJ and a radio presenter are also included. 

“I hope my videos on YouTube will help young people learn about types of jobs in radio broadcasting," said Quý, who spent several hours daily to complete and release his videos online. 

"We have faced difficulties in producing videos at home amid the pandemic. YouTube is a way to expand our work and entertain audiences,” he added. — VNS

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