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Cần Thơ launches free folk music classes for students

Students in Cần Thơ are offered free folk music classes. - VNA Photo 

CẦN THƠ - Free folk music classes will be offered to young students in Cần Thơ in an effort to bring Vietnamese culture to international friends.

The Centre for Student Support and Services in Cần Thơ City, under the Secretariat of the Việt Nam Youth Federation in Cần Thơ City, launched a "Free Folk Music Class” programme on May 21.

According to Phương Tấn Đạt, director of the Centre for Student Support and Services in Cần Thơ, the progamme will be implemented from June 10 on every Friday from 9:00am to 10:30am at Thái Bình Dương High School.

The programme includes activities introducing traditional musical instruments and teaching folk singing to young people to preserve and develop the cultural value of traditional music and instruments for the younger generation.

This is also an opportunity to maintain connections, and promote and showcase Vietnamese culture to international friends through traditional musical instruments.

The programme has garnered support from numerous organisations and individuals, all aiming to inspire passion and spread positive cultural values to students.

The operating principle of the programme is "Every student who knows and understands musical instruments becomes a cultural ambassador of Việt Nam to promote and bring Vietnamese culture to international friends."

Trương Tài Linh, currently working at the Ninh Kiều District Cultural and Broadcasting Centre, which supports the "Free Folk Music Class," shared that he is responsible for teaching the history of Vietnamese folk music, guiding students in their initial understanding of folk songs and chants, and practicing on some traditional instruments such as the zither, bamboo flute, and monochord.

"I find the folk melodies very captivating, especially when combined with the sounds of traditional musical instruments,” Trần Quang Minh, an eighth-grade student at Thái Bình Dương High School who attended the launch of the "Free Folk Music Class, enthusiastically expressed.

“I am sure many students like me will register to join this 'Free Folk Music Class.' I hope to master at least one instrument and confidently sing some folk songs. In the future, if I study abroad, I will proudly showcase what I learned here to my international friends." he added. - VNS

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