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“Cherry Blossom, Phở and Piano” suddenly excites the box office, nationwide screening proposed

HÀ NỘI  As one of two films invested by the state in production and screened in theatres during Tết (Lunar New Year holiday), Đào, Phở và Piano (Peach Blossom, Phở and Piano) has suddenly excited the box office.

The poster of 'Đào, Phở và Piano' (Peach Blossom, Phở and Piano). Photo courtesy of Film 1 Joint Stock Company

Vi Kiến Thành, director of the Cinema Department of the culture ministry, said that Đào, Phở và Piano was  funded by the state to serve the general audience and contribute to the film industry.

Therefore, the film did not have a distribution budget, and there are no regulations on the percentage of revenue for distributors when distributing films ordered by the state.

Though the film has only been screened at the National Cinema Centre in Hà Nội, it has attracted lots of attention from audiences and is becoming favoured as it consistently sells out. 

The website of the National Cinema Centre has continuously crashed due to a sudden increase in the number of visitors booking tickets, sometimes reaching more than 30,000 visits.

The centre has consistently extended its showtime schedule, from three to eighteen showtimes each day.

Đào, Phở và Piano has the fewest screenings and is only shown in one location, however, according to Box Office Việt Nam, the film ranked fourth at the national box office on February 20 with revenue of US$7.000, bringing the total revenue 11 days after release to more than $27,000.

Those who have watched the film give it high marks for its storyline, actors' performances and stunning, artistic camera angles.

The epic war drama film features a love story of a young Hanoian couple on the last day, February 17, 1947, of the 60-day-and-night battle to defend the capital city from the French reoccupation.

The two main characters of the film are portrayed by Doãn Quốc Đam and Thùy Linh. Photo courtesy of Film.1 Joint Stock Company

At that time, Vietnamese troops, responding to President Hồ Chí Minh's appeal, withdrew to the Việt Bắc resistance zone to begin the long-running war of resistance against the French.

Having met in the middle of a street battle, the lovers only had a few hours left to get married, in a situation between life and death. Their love also gets support from the last Hanoians staying, including a couple selling phở, an old artist and a young boy. 

With a romantic and heroic theme, the film conveys the characteristics of the Hà Nội people despite the fierce battle ahead.

Đào, Phở và Piano was made by director Phi Tiến Sơn, with the participation of actors Doãn Quốc Đam, Thùy Linh, Trung Hiếu, Trần Lực, and singer Tuấn Hưng. 

The film won the Silver Lotus Award at the 23rd Việt Nam Film Festival held in Đà Lạt in November 2023.

The culture ministry ordered the Film 1 Joint Stock Company to make the film with a budget of about $800,000. 

The film crew constructed a 100-metre-long town in the old military barracks at Phúc Yên District, Vĩnh Phúc Province as the setting for the film.

Đào, Phở và Piano and seven other films are in the pilot project of the culture ministry to deliver state-funded films to commercial cinema.  VNS

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