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City theatre offers summer programme for children

LEGENDARY PERSIA - Artists perform in Ba Tư Huyền Bí (Legendary Persia), a special show featuring music, dance, pantomime and circus performances. Photo courtesy of the theatre. 

HCM CITY — Phương Nam Theatre, one of HCM City’s leading private art troupes, will launch a special programme of circus and musical shows for children and young audiences this summer. 

The variety show, called Mekong Show, features 50 music, dance, puppet and circus performers. 

It tells the stories of southern people and their history, culture and lifestyle in different periods. The daily life of farmers who work hard to develop their land is also highlighted.

Phương Nam artists will use their art to depict images of beautiful rivers, green fields, forests, villages and animals. 

They will perform tài tử music, the prototype for vọng cổ (nostalgic tunes) and cải lương (reformed opera) of the South. 

“With this 60-minute show concept, we hope young audiences learn more about Vietnamese culture in the South,” said theatre director Lê Diễn. 

According to Diễn, his staff is working to offer quality performances with beautiful clothes and accessories. Sound and light effects are also being used. “Summer is the year’s best season for making profits. We hope to attract a large audience,” he said. 

MODERN CIRCUS - Artists from the HCM City-based private Phương Nam Theatre offer quality performances with new concepts and techniques in circus. Beautiful clothes and accessories, and sound and light effects are also being used. Photo courtesy of the theatre. 

Another show is Ba Tư Huyền Bí (Legendary Persia), a musical based on a Middle Eastern folk tale from the popular 18th century collection of tales called One Thousand and One Nights.

The Vietnamese version features the adventure of Aladdin, a street boy in the Arabian City of Agrabah, and his monkey Abu. 

Aladdin meets Princess Jasmine, who has fled her sheltered life in her father's castle. He is used by the vizier Jafar to seek a magic lamp hidden in the Cave of Wonders. 

He finally becomes rich and powerful and marries Jasmine after facing many challenges.  

Ba Tư Huyền Bí features music, dance, pantomime and circus performances. 

“Our show highlights bravery, self-respect, honesty and friendship, and encourages children to oppose evil forces,” said circus artist Hiền Phước, who plays Aladdin.

Phước began his career when he was a school boy. He has faced challenges and made sacrifices to develop his art.

He is also working on Bí Ẩn Nơi Hoang Đảo (The Secrets of the Island), a circus show of music, dance, pantomime and circus performances. 

The show will offer new concepts and techniques in circus. 

More than 20 artists will perform in water in a pool. They will deliver enough images, colours, action and tricks to keep audiences of all ages entertained. 

Four years had passed since Phương Nam Theatre has staged its first circus show in musical style, and the time came to find a fresh performance to impress audiences. 

The theatre is looking for ways to attract ticket buyers who may have grown weary of acrobats, trapeze artists, contortionists and clowns. 

“We hope our creation can enhance children and young people’s love for circus, a very old and unique performance,” said Diễn, who has 20 years in the industry. 

The summer shows by Phương Nam Theatre will be staged every weekend at the HCM City Circus Theatre on Hoàng Minh Giám Street, Gò Vấp District, starting on June 1.

FUN FOR KIDS - Phương Nam Theatre, one of HCM City’s leading private art troupes, is preparing to offer a special programme on circus and musical shows aimed at children and young audiences this summer. Photo courtesy of the theatre. 

New circus theatre

HCM City will open the Phú Thọ Circus & Entertainment Centre in 2025. 

The centre, located in District 11, will have two basements and 12 stories. It will have two theatres with 2,000 seats which cover different theatrical genres and styles. A series of modern function rooms will be included.

The construction began in April. The investment of VNĐ1.4 trillion (US$59.9 million) came from the city’s budget.

According to Trần Thế Thuận, director of the city’s Department of Culture & Sports, after opening to the public, Phú Thọ Circus & Entertainment Centre is expected to be a modern facility to offer circus and arts performances, exhibitions, and special cultural programmes targeting children and young people. — VNS

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