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Concert features forest harmony

Musicians perform at the first concert held as a  part of Forest Harmony Project. Photo coutersy of Joy Foundation. 

HCM CITY -- A crowdfunding concert will be held by JOY Foundation and HCM City leading art troupes on April 21. 

The concert entitled Gieo (Sow) will encourage people to make contribution to planting tree. 

"Classical music is for everyone, much like planting a tree," said Nguyễn Siêu Hạnh, Founder of Joy Foundation. "With that spirit, we continue to bring audiences classical music pieces that may seem unfamiliar but are, in fact, intimately familiar, as these melodies have appeared in famous movies and animations.

"We borrow the imagery of delicate dandelions drifting in the wind to convey the message of 'sow'. By sowing seeds of positivity, kindness, and value that spread throughout the community, we believe that all beautiful seeds will sprout and flourish everywhere, carried by the wind to distant lands."

Renowned and seasoned artists from HCM City Conservatory of Music and HCM Ballet Symphony Orchestra alongside talented, enthusiastic, and passionate young artists will perform classical pieces that audiences will be surprised and amazed to realize the close proximity of them.

Sow, a part from the Forest Harmony Project is a collaboration between JOY and Saigon Classical aimed at bringing to the public the timeless beauty of classical music compositions with authentic, rustic tones that emanate from musical instruments, showcased by talented artists.

The project consists of three programmes taking place at the HCM City Conservatory of Music in January, April, and September 2024.

By creating a platform that converges music and nature, the project encourages the community to engage in long-term commitment to reforestation activities and sustainable land management. 

The concert will begin at 7pm at HCMC Conservatory of Music, 112 Nguyễn Du, District 1. Call hotline 0945.17.02.91 to book your tickets and avail the offer. Each attendee will receive a seed and one sapling. - VNS

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