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Drama plays mark 50 years of partnership between Việt Nam and France

TALENTED THESPIAN - Young actress Lê Chi Na (left) plays a lead role in 'Eugénie Grandet' in the Vietnamese adaptation of Honoré de Balzac’s novel. Photo courtesy of the theatre.

HCM CITY — Young artists of the Hồng Hạc Drama Troupe are working on a series of new plays to mark 50 years since the establishment of diplomatic ties between Việt Nam and France.

The highlight is an experimental play on money and love adapted from Honoré de Balzac’s novel Eugénie Grandet.

The Vietnamese play adapted from Eugénie Grandet was written by female director Việt Linh, who is talented and well-known in both theatre and movies.

Linh worked with her younger colleague, theatre director Tây Phong on the play script.

The play is about a wealthy but miserly Felix Grandet whose deeds lead to tragedy for his daughter Eugénie and himself.

“I believe Vietnamese versions of French theatrical plays will offer something new and interesting for audiences, particularly the youth,” said director Phong in an interview with local media. 

“Balzac released Eugénie Grandet in 1839 but it has modern content. The play’s message is about the hypocrisy and shallowness of wealthy people and how money controls their lives.”

Phong has worked with theatre designers to perfect his production with costumes, choreography, music, lighting and visual effects.

He has cast young artists Lê Chi Na, Thanh Tuấn, Lương Mỹ and Hồng Đào to play leading roles.

Phong said he believes in his staff because “new and young faces leave stronger impressions on audiences. I want to bring a fresh breeze into Vietnamese drama.”

FRENCH CLASSIC: Young artists of the private Hồng Hạc Drama Troupe will act in a Vietnamese adaptation of 'Eugénie Grandet'. The play marks 50 years since the establishment of diplomatic ties between Việt Nam and France. Photo courtesy of the theatre.

Other new plays adapted from works of French writers Catherine Arley and Marc Levy are also running and scheduled to debut in April.

The private Hồng Hạc Drama Troupe was established in 2015. Its owners, Linh and theatre director Phạm Hoàng Nam, and young actors have worked hard to offer experimental shows with new concepts and techniques.

The Vietnamese adaptation of Eugénie Grandet will be staged on Sundays starting March 19 at the Thanh Niên Theatre, 4 Phạm Ngọc Thạch Street, District 1. — VNS

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