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Essence of Education conveyed through traditional music

HÀ NỘI — The Centre for Temple of Literature Cultural and Scientific Activities has launched the album Tinh Hoa Đạo Học (Essence of Education) Vol 1 by musician Đinh Khánh Ly.

Musician Đinh Khánh Ly performs at the Temple of Literature's night tour programme. — Photo courtesy of Temple of Literature

The album is part of the Temple of Literature's night tour programme, one of the most well-known night tours in Hà Nội recently. 

"I was truly proud of the opportunity to contribute to the music composition for the Temple of Literature night tour during my musical endeavours. This album aligns with my aim to spread traditional creative and musical values to the general public," said musician Đinh Khánh Ly. 

The album includes six ethnic musical instrument ensembles closely following the theme of the 3D mapping in the night tour. The album also utilises parts of the background music from the Temple of Literature.

The core values ​​of the album – Vietnamese stories and tales about schools, ancient academics, and the obstacles and challenges that each person must overcome to achieve success in education – are portrayed clearly through each song.

For example, the song Tứ linh huấn tử praises the four bas-reliefs at the initiation area, along with the image of a father guiding and nurturing his son to enlightenment from an early age.

The song Tinh hoa Đạo học (Essence of Education) conveys the values ​​and philosophy of education passed down through generations of Vietnamese people. 

The song Đồng dao Hành trình Đạo học (The Journey of Education) is written about the journey of a gentleman using education to cultivate himself and then devote himself to the people and the country. 

The song Đệ nhất sắc hương (The Most Beauty Colour and Fragrance) is inspired by the softness of the lotus flower, evoking the elegance and purity of the soul of the Vietnamese people.

The solemn song Vinh quy bái tổ (Honouring the Ancestors) honours the new graduates who bring praise to their families and homeland.

The night tour creates a symphony of mysterious sparkling light, traditional music, and quintessential values in Vietnamese educational history, enticing visitors to the Temple of Literature.

"This is the first time a musician has composed an album about the Temple of Literature. A very appealing artistic medium embodies the values of the relic and heritage connected to education," said Lê Xuân Kiêu, director of the Centre for Temple of Literature Cultural and Scientific Activities. 

"It evokes strong feelings in the audience and fosters a sense of dedication to Vietnamese heritage and the Temple of Literature."

"We hope that the album Essence of Education by musician Đinh Khánh Ly will open the door for other artworks about the Temple of Literature. Soon, artists may find a lot of inspiration for cultural artwork from this relic,” said Kiêu.

Born in 1990 in Hòa Bình Province, Đinh Khánh Ly is known as the talented young musician behind the success of documentary soundtrack songs, including Đại thi hào Nguyễn Du (Great Poet Nguyễn Du) and Bình Minh phía trước (The Dawn Ahead).

In 2016, she carried out a personal project to renew ví folk songs from Nghệ An Province to bring traditional music closer to the general public. — VNS

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