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Female artists tell stories in strokes

'Cat and Still 1' by Nguyễn Thị Hòa.

HÀ NỘI  Six female artists of different generations and nationalities tell their stories with a unique blend of strength and gentleness at an exhibition in Hà Nội.

The exhibition entitled Her Story: Women in Art features 12 paintings and four sculptures by Nguyễn Thị Hoà, Cristina González, Mai Minh Hằng, Nguyễn Thị Thanh Lưu, Nguyễn Thị Thu Hiền, and Alix Aymé.

Each artist embarks on a unique journey, spanning different generations, yet united by a shared aspiration to create something beautiful, both for themselves and for the broader world.

Drawing inspiration from everyday life in Việt Nam, scenes of villages, women’s portraits, family dynamics, flower vases and the sky, Hòa’s compositions resonate with warmth and depth.

Artists often remain reticent about their personal narratives, for the stories embedded within each canvas appear self-evident. Hòa’s serene paintings, bearing her very name, exude tranquillity.

After graduating from the Hà Nội University of Fine Arts, Hòa inherited and further developed the art of lacquer. Her contributions during the post-war reform period brought a refreshing breeze to the artistic landscape.

Hằng, originally trained as a lawyer, made the bold decision to forsake her legal career in pursuit of painting.

Her works in Expressionism have left an indelible mark. Her two paintings at the exhibition are both portraits. 

"Currently, I focus on portraits and landscapes," said Hằng. "I used to think that I cannot draw portrait because the most difficult is to draw face and hands."

Having a PhD in literature, Lưu is a poet weaving silk threads of their life. She delves deeply into art, infusing traditional elements into her stories, poems and silk paintings. Her work bears the touch of realism.

Hiền is a member of an artistically inclined family with her husband and her child. Her magical realistic paintings and ceramics vividly express the enduring bond of family love. 

González is a Spanish artist residing in Việt Nam. She is renowned for her impressionistic and abstract works. Her unique perspective enriches the artistic landscape featuring Việt Nam through the eye of a foreigner enamoured by the purity of this land.

Special feature at the exhibition includes works of French Aymé (1894-89). As a former lecturer at the Indochina College of Fine Arts and a progressive thinker with a distinguished artistic career, Aymé played a pivotal role in shaping the foundation of Indochina fine arts. Her work offers a unique foreign perspective on Vietnamese society.

Within each story, the exhibition unfolds a tapestry woven with myriad emotions. Moreover, it is a chance for the exhibition viewers to explore how Aymé's radical artistic ideology intersects with the styles and perspectives of other contemporary female artists.

The exhibition runs until April 30 at Maii Bistro, 46 Quảng An Street, Tây Hồ Ward.  VNS

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