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Gen Z designers seek to shape future of Vietnamese fashion

MUTANT STYLE: Phạm Trần Thu Hằng’s debut collection “Mad 1 – Variation” for her own brand the Mad Lab features unique designs for both adults and children inspired by mutant creatures. Photo courtesy of Multimedia JSC

HCM CITY – Generation Z designers, armed with skills and knowledge, are a breath of fresh air on the Vietnamese fashion scene.

Phạm Trần Thu Hằng’s debut collection, “Mad 1 – Variation”, for her brand the Mad Lab leaves a strong impression on fashion lovers with its unique designs for both adults and children inspired by mutant creatures.

Her collection, which was presented at the Aquafina International Fashion Week (AVIFW) Fall/Winter 2023, includes puffer jackets for both men and women in the shape of viruses with bold colours of silver, neon green, neon pink and neon blue.

The designs also include dresses, tops, and pants which are created with complicated techniques such as block pattern making and 3D printing.

All the designs are made of materials, such as denim and artificial leather, which can be recycled.

Hằng, 26, said: “In order to convey the message of sustainable fashion and environmental protection, I use materials that can be recycled to create unique designs in bold, youthful and futuristic styles.”

She added: “My designs target the future of fashion which may change and develop in ways that we cannot predict.”

Hằng graduated from the fashion design faculty of the Central Arts Pedagogy University at the top of her class.

She is known for winning the award for “Best Street Style” at the AVIFW Spring/Summer 2023 in HCM City in July with a collection of streetwear for kids made of recycled materials.

FUTURISTIC FASHION: Nguyễn Thanh Danh (M), Fashion Design Icon at FashUP 2022, presents his unisex collection “Vệ Tinh” (Satelite) in futuristic style. Photo courtesy of Multimedia JSC

Nguyễn Thanh Danh, who became known after winning the title of Fashion Design Icon at FashUP 2022, a competition for fashion and beauty content creators, overwhelms fashion lovers with his unisex collection in futuristic style.

For his first appearance at the AVIFW, he brought his new collection “Vệ Tinh” (Satellite) featuring dresses, jackets and casual clothes made of artificial leather with metallic patterns.

The designs, in bold colours with cut-out details and huge bows, are poised to become favourites of young people who love to show their personality and unique style.

Danh said: “The collection is my imagination of a planet where people can be free to dress themselves without following any fashion standards. It’s the future of fashion through the modern views of the young generation.”

Danh, who graduated from fashion design faculty of the HCM City University of Technology in 2022 with a top ranking, has participated in many fashion shows such as Vietnam Junior’s Fashion Week.

FASHION LEADER: President of the Việt Nam International Fashion Week Lê Thị Quỳnh Trang. Photo courtesy of Multimedia JSC

Lê Thị Quỳnh Trang, president of the Việt Nam International Fashion Week, said: “We have faith that Generation Z designers will be the future of Vietnamese fashion. They will be the ones who will elevate the status of Vietnamese fashion and put it on the world fashion map.”

She added: “Việt Nam International Fashion Week is always standing by Gen Z designers, and providing them opportunities to show off their works and shine.”

The AVIFW Fall/Winter 2023, with the theme of “Shaping the Future”, was held in Hà Nội from November 8-11, attracting 16 fashion designers and brands from Việt Nam, Indonesia and Thailand. — VNS

Huỳnh Tú Anh, winner of the Face Vietnam 2023, presents a dress in collection “Mad 1 – Variation”. Photo courtesy of Multimedia JSC
A look from collection “Mad 1 – Variation”. Photo courtesy of Multimedia JSC
Trần Bảo Châu, the winner of modelling contest for kids iKids Vietnam 2022, present a red leather jacket from collection “Vệ Tinh” (Satelite) by designer Danh. Photo courtesy of Multimedia JSC

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