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HTV launches Vietnamese films programme

NEW SERIES - Veteran actress Thân Thuý Hà in a scene from Dâu Bể Mùa Xưa (Love Garden), a TV series by Huỳnh Long Trung Nghĩa, featuring the culture and lifestyle of Southern people. The film is a part of the film programme Khung Phim Việt Đặc Sắc (Taste of Vietnamese Films) launched by Hồ Chí Minh City Television. Photo courtesy of the producer. 

HCM CITY — Hồ Chí Minh City Television (HTV) has launched a new film programme offering Vietnamese TV series on social and family issues. 

The programme is called Khung Phim Việt Đặc Sắc (Taste of Vietnamese Films), and aims to bring Vietnamese filmmakers, directors and artists closer to viewers. 

It introduces Dâu Bể Mùa Xưa (Love Garden) and Lụa (Silk), two series that feature the culture and lifestyle of Southern people, in October and November. 

Dâu Bể Mùa Xưa is directed by Huỳnh Long Trung Nghĩa. 

The 28-episode series highlights the conflicts in Vietnamese families in rural areas of the South. 

Women and their challenges in life and love are also highlighted.

The film attracts veteran actresses Tuyết Thu and Thân Thuý Hà. 

Lụa is a story of silk production and silk weaving in southern and central regions. 

The 31-part series portrays the lives of young farmers living in Duy Xuyên Village of Quảng Nam Province who make Vietnamese silk, love traditional values and have national pride.

Local female entrepreneurs who develop the Vietnamese silk brand are also highlighted. 

The film’s director, Trần Đức Long, wants to show how silk has become part of national cultural and social life, as it helps create the beauty of Việt Nam, often through the image of the national costume áo dài (traditional long dress).

Key parts of the series were rewritten during shooting to meet the tastes of young audiences.

Young talents Oanh Kiều, Thành Trung and Đạt Nguyễn are invited to play leading roles. 

SOUTHERN ENTERTAINMENT - Southern history, culture and lifestyle are featured in new TV series produced and released by the Hồ Chí Minh City Television. — Photo courtesy of the producer. 

“Our series is more than the Vietnamese silk business; it is about Vietnamese culture and lifestyle,” said Long, winner of the Golden Medal for Best Director at the 40th National TV Films Festival in Hà Nội last year. “I hope young audiences will learn more about their history and traditional culture after watching my film.” 

Other productions on urban life and young people, including Bóng Của Thị Thành (Urban View) and Dưới Bóng Bình Yên (Peaceful Life), are scheduled to be released in December. 

“We spent three years on the programme Khung Phim Việt Đặc Sắc. We and our partner, SK Pictures, have invested money and human resources to produce more shows with most of them targeting young Vietnamese viewers,” said general director of HTV Cao Anh Minh.

Episodes of the programme Khung Phim Việt Đặc Sắc are released at 7:30pm on HTV7 channel every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. — VNS

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