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Lighting the skies of Hội An Memories Park with a stunning new drone light show

Tourists visiting Hội An Memories Land will enjoy a drone light show and sky lanterns during the summer. 

HỘI AN — A drone light show, Light to Sky Festival, will be lighting up the skies for three months over the summer in Hội An Memories Land from June 1, tracing beautiful images of the ancient town into the air. 

It’s the first ever time drones have been used to attract visitors to the city in central Việt Nam and it is hoped the stunning displays will prove to be popular for visitors travelling to Hội An this summer.

The show organisers said the tourists will also be offered their own flying lanterns to release every night between 6.30pm and 7.30pm during the Festival which is on until September 2.

A night art performance staged at Hội An Memories Land in the ancient town of Hội An. There will be a series of art performances here throughout the summer months.  

“Tourists will be able to send into the sky LED-light lanterns with their wishes and prayers. It’s one of series of cultural and art performances we are offering during the holiday season,” said Nguyễn Xuân Hà from the Hội An Memories Land’s managing board.

“The drone show will be different every night so visitors will be able to see something different when staying in and around Hội An.” 

He added that the Ký Ức Hội An (Hội An Memories) – a 60-minute show on the 400-year history and development of Hội An during the Đại Việt (Great Việt) State in the 15th-18th century – will also be performed, along with other food and craft experiences.

A light drone show in Hội An. The Light to Sky Festival is being shown in Hội An Memories Land from June 1 until September 2. Photos courtesy of Xuân Hà 

The Hội An Memories Land was voted the World's Leading Cultural Tourism and Entertainment Complex in 2022 and 2023 and is the first and only combined art performance and resort on the banks of the Thu Bồn River.

The show was recognised as the leading historical spectacle at the Best Hotels-Resorts Awards by Wanderlust Tips in South Korea, and was chosen to be shown at Times Square, New York in the US. VNS 

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