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Mountainous destination to host int’l balloon fest

Mountainous destination to host int’l balloon fest

Balloons at Nguyễn Tất Thành Square in Tuyên Quang City. The city will host the third International Hot Air Balloon Festival on April 23-28. Photo courtesy of Tuyên Quang Provincial Culture, Sports and Tourism department

TUYÊN QUANG – Teams from United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, the Netherlands, Japan, China, Thailand and Việt Nam will join the third International Hot Air Balloon Festival in Tuyên Quang City on April 23-28, kicking off the tourism year of the northern mountainous province in 2024.

The event’s organisers said teams will decorate the Nguyễn Tất Thành Square with 22 balloons with colourful lights at night time.

The balloon teams will put on a colourful performance at 7pm on April 27, while an official competition will start at 6am on April 28.

DJs and musical bands will play on the evenings of April 28-30, promoting the tourism event and balloon competition.

Participating pilots will have an exchange with local and tourists on April 30, and tourists will take opportunities for aerial views of the city from balloons.

Pavilions will be displayed at the provincial tourism fair from April 25 to May 2, promoting local crafts and community-based tourism as well as hi-tech farming product.

A football tournament for ethnic women’s teams will be scheduled, along with folk games and sports on April 23-28.

The balloon festival, organised in the province for the third time, will focus on boosting tourism connections and drawing visitors from many provinces and cities in Việt Nam as well as international visitors. VNS

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