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New MVs Celebrating Tết released

POWERFUL COMBO - Actress and singer Miu Lê and rapper Yuno Bigboi release MV Mơ Là Phải Mở (Dare to Dream) to welcome Tết. Photo courtesy of the producer

HCM CITY – Local producers and singers have released new music videos celebrating Tết (Lunar New Year).

Well-known producer group DTAP collaborated with actress and singer Miu Lê and rapper Yuno Bigboi to release MV Mơ Là Phải Mở (Dare to Dream) to welcome the new year.

The video portrays a young woman who has to face numerous issues and worries about life when Tết is coming.

The work has a folktronica melody to create a Tết atmosphere as well as attract young listeners.

Nguyễn Thuý Hạnh of Đồng Nai Province said, “I love Miu Lê’s street voice and naturalistic performance style. She spreads joy and positive energy to audiences when Tết is coming.”

Miu is known for acting in dozens of movies such as Cô Gái Đến Từ Hôm Qua (The Girl from Yesterday), an adaptation of the novel of the same title by Nguyễn Nhật Ánh, a best-selling author in HCM City; and Em Là Bà Nội Của Anh (Sweet 20), a Vietnamese remake of the South Korean movie Miss Granny.

She has released several music products such as Gác Lại Âu Lo (Put Your Concerns Aside) and Cô Đơn Đã Quá Bình Thường (Loneliness is So Common). She has also performed several soundtracks in her movies.

According to DTAP, the MV sends the message to be brave to break free of your comfort zone, dare to dream and make it happen to gain happiness.

DTAP consists of three talented music producers, Nguyễn Trần Hoàng Thịnh, Trần Quốc Khánh and Võ Thanh Tùng, who have produced numerous award-winning productions.

The group won Production of the Year at the Cống Hiến (Devotion) Music Awards given by the Thể Thao – Văn Hoá (Sports and Culture) Newspaper in 2020 and 2023.

The MV was released on February 1, earning more than 89,000 views on YouTube.

MUSIC FOR TẾT - Young singer Doãn Hiếu (L) and music producer Khánh in his new MV Về Nhà Thôi (Let’s Come Home). Photo courtesy of the singer

Young singer Doãn Hiếu has released the music video Về Nhà Thôi (Let’s Come Home), which is written by Hiếu and Khánh Jenda and produced by Khánh.

The video has a gentle but also joyful melody with lyrics about the journey back home for Tết.

Hiếu said, “The MV is a reminder to people who are working and studying far from home. Tết is a special time for family gatherings, so let's come back home to reunite with family.”

Hiếu, 20, is a student at the HCM City Conservatory of Music.

He has become popular among young audiences since 2022 with his own songs such as Nụ Cười 18, 20 (Smile at 18, 20) and Họ Yêu Ai Mất Rồi (They Love Someone Else), which have earned millions of views on YouTube. VNS

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