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New plays on love celebrate Valentine’s Day

 Young performers of the 5B Small Theatre perform new plays on love and women to celebrate Valentine’s Day. — Photo courtesy of the producer

HCM CITY — New plays on the perennially popular topic of love will be staged by leading drama troupes in HCM City on Valentine’s Day.

Two shows, Đẹp Bất Chấp (Ugly Woman) and Bao Giờ Mẹ Lấy Chồng (When Will Mom Get Married?), feature themes about women and love, staged by the 5B Small Theatre.  

Both works highlight women who believe in and fight for their true love. Intelligence, honestly and bravery are highlighted through the leading female roles played by young stars such as Phương Linh and Hồng Thúy.

“Our shows will combine both traditional and modern performance styles,” said the theatre’s general director and actress Mỹ Uyên, who has more than 20 years of experience in the industry.  

The production spent a lot on the show, including costumes, sound and light effects, according to Uyên. "We want to satisfy young audiences who want to enjoy drama in music and images."

According to Uyên, audiences will be provided with free facial masks and temperature checks before entering as a way of preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus (nCov).

“We also offer temperature checks for our staff before every show.”

Female director Ái Như of Hoàng Thái Thanh Drama Troupe has also worked on a love story, Tình Yêu Trời Đánh (Love in the First Sight) about a poor farmer's love for a wealthy woman.

“Our story has a happy ending, of course, when couples celebrate their love on Valentine’s Day,” said director Như.  

Như asked her actors to practise singing and dance skills for hours each day to provide “a great show with strong and melodic voices and appealing and powerful stage presence,” she said.

Tình Yêu Trời Đánh is a song in praise of love and women,” said Như, who plays a small role in the play.

The Đại Việt Theatre, which opened in November, will stage Chuyện Tình Khâu Vai (Love Story in Khâu Vai), a 120-minute cải lương play featuring love and patriotism.

The work has attracted 20 veteran and young actors from the city and southern provinces,  including Meritorious Artists Lê Tứ and Quế Trân, who have both performed in several hundred plays and TV shows.   

Audiences are provided with free facial masks and temperature checks before entering as a way of preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus (nCov). — Photo courtesy of the producer

According to the theatre’s scriptwriter Hoàng Song Việt, a series of shows after Truyện Tình Khâu Vai will be offered.  

“We will try our best to bring cải lương, a traditional theatrical form from southern Việt Nam, to audiences and visitors,” said 65-year-old Việt, a member of the theatre’s managing board who has written 20 plays, mostly award-winning productions.

All of the plays about love will be staged at 8pm on February 14. They are expected to also be performed on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Plays will be staged at the 5B Small Theatre on 5B Võ Văn Tần Street, District 3, and Hoàng Thái Thanh Drama Troupe at 139 Bắc Hảni Street in District 10. The Đại Việt Theatre performance will be at the city’s Opera House at 7 Lam Sơn Square in District 1. — VNS

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