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Private theatre offers water puppet shows

ANCIENT ART - The Phương Nam Theatre, one of HCM City’s leading private theatres, will stage a series of new water puppet and circus shows for children in December. Photo courtesy of the producer. 

HCM CITY— The private Phương Nam Theatre has launched a series of new water puppetry and circus-based plays, offering fresh entertainment options for children in HCM City. 

Ngọn Lửa Trừ Tà (Flame) and Huyền Bí Ba Tư (Magical World) are plays staged every weekend. 

The two plays used more than 20 artists each, dazzling the audience with sound and light effects, and Vietnamese folk music scores.

The water puppet play Ngọn Lửa Trừ Tà highlights bravery, self-respect, and honesty, striking a strong chord with children. 

The circus show Huyền Bí Ba Tư features characters from the world’s most popular fairy tales contained in One Thousand Arabian Nights

Trước Ngọn Sóng (Facing the Waves), a water puppet play directed by Trần Được, will be staged during the Christmas and New Year holiday season. 

The play celebrates the 80th anniversary of Việt Nam People’s Army on December 22. 

It portrays soldiers stationed on the Trường Sa (Spratly) Islands who have dedicated themselves to protecting the nation's sovereignty, demonstrating incredible bravery in the face of hardship.

The lives of people living on the islands are also featured.

After the show, brief talks about Vietnamese puppetry and its history will be provided to help children gain a greater understanding of national culture.

PUPPET MASTERS - Phương Nam Theatre’s actors provide young audiences with shows and talks on Vietnamese puppetry. Photo courtesy of the producer

“Our artists are ready and eager to entertain young audiences. We are hoping for a good season in ticket sales,” said the theatre’s director Lê Diễn, who has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. 

Diễn said his actors offer water puppet shows telling stories about patriotic heroes based on Vietnamese fairy tales. 

Highlighted performances included Cá Chép Hoá Rồng (Carps Turn into Dragons) and Rối Nước Rồng Phương Nam (The South Dragon Water Puppet). 

“Children and young people will be entertained and learn about the country’s history, culture, and lifestyle through our art,” said theatre director and puppet artist Trần Được of Phương Nam Theatre. 

Water puppetry has been performed on a stage with a pool of water for a thousand years in Việt Nam. 

Colourful puppets are made of wood and controlled from the chamber next to the stage by strings and underwater nests. 

Phương Nam Theatre’s new shows are staged every weekend at the HCM City Circus Theatre in Gia Định Park, Phú Nhuận District. Online tickets can be bought at: www.nhahatphuongnam.com. –VNS

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