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Rapper Wowy, opera artist Thế Huy release MV on YouTube

HUMAN NATURE - The music video, Người (Human), by rapper Wowy (right) and his partner, opera artist Thế Huy, was released on November 1, has attracted more than 76,184 views on YouTube. — Photo courtesy of the producer.

HCM CITY —  A music video (MV) by rapper Wowy, a pioneer of rap in the South, and young opera artist Thế Huy has been released on YouTube. 

The work, Người (Human), is a song that combines rap and opera. 

Wowy wrote the lyrics featuring messages about life, youth and love. He is also one of the video’s producers. 

Người 2 was released on YouTube on November 1, and has attracted more than 76,184 views. 

“I hope my performance with opera artist Thế Huy in Người will bring a new flavour of my music to fans,” the 35-year-old Wowy wrote on his Facebook page. 

Wowy, whose real name is Nguyễn Ngọc Minh Huy, has been in the industry for more than 15 years.

He began his career as an underground rapper and has been particularly successful in combining rap with social and cultural issues.

He has released two compilation albums, six singles and 30 MVs. His hits include Tiền (Money) released in 2018 and Chạy (Run) in 2020. 

In 2020, Wowy performed as a coach at Rap Việt, a reality TV music show that sought to find the next best rapper in Việt Nam.

The show is produced by Vie Channel based on a Thai show called The Rapper, which premiered in 2018 and was honoured as the Best General Entertainment Programme at the 23rd Asian Television Awards in 2018.  

WOW FACTOR - Rapper Wowy, 35, began his career as an underground singer and songwriter in 2008. Photo from the artist’s Facebook page. 

In June, Wowy and People’s Artist Bạch Tuyết, a cải lương (reformed opera) guru, launched a music project aimed at young people.

The project offers music videos that combine rap and cải lương, a 100-year-old art genre of Vietnamese theatre in the South.

Wowy and Tuyết have worked to write, compose and produce a series of songs featuring topics on love and life. Social issues are also included.

Their videos will be released on YouTube and TikTok.

“I love working with cải lương star Bạch Tuyết. I hope our project will attract and encourage young audiences to love and learn more about our traditional music,” said Wowy, who believes music has no barriers. — VNS

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