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Refreshing approach revives local music game shows

Vietnam Idol Season 8, with the participation of celebrated judges such as singer Mỹ Tâm, has widely been embraced by young audience. Photo thanhnien.vn

After a period of decline and reduced audience appeal, Vietnamese music shows and singing competitions on screen have made a strong comeback with vibrant and fresh colours, warmly embraced by the public.

Many production units had struggled to maintain the allure of their shows and singing competitions for successive seasons, leading to a prolonged absence of these programmes.

Therefore, it was crucial for production teams to brainstorm various ways to revamp the shows, infusing a breath of fresh air to retain the interest of fans.

“Vietnam Idol" Season 8 returned after a seven-year hiatus with a new format, while "The Voice - Giọng hát Việt" completed its preliminary rounds after more than three years away and is preparing for recording.

Vietnam Idol 2023 has aired eight episodes, living up to expectations by incorporating the essential elements that make a reality TV show about talent discovery successful. It already has a strong brand and fan base.

While the previous years aimed to discover talents "from zero to hero", this year's goal is to find the "new generation of Vietnamese music idols" — embracing modern musical thinking and merging with the global music flow.

The show has garnered hundreds of millions of views on platforms like YouTube and TikTok, thanks to its concept and judges.

Contestants opt for youthful and trendsetting song choices, creating highlights by blending various genres like R&B, rap and beatboxing.

"With many unique voices, distinct personalities, and fresh energy, I believe this season will be particularly captivating,” director Quang Dũng, a judge on Vietnam Idol 2023, said.

The Masked Singer, which returned in August, is very popular on YouTube. - Photo from organiser

Meanwhile, “The Masked Singer", following its successful debut season, returned in August.

How the novelty is infused into familiar songs, with unique stage design and quality mascot appearances, has secured the show's popularity on YouTube.

Explosive acts and the element of surprise when performers remove their masks continue to excite fans in upcoming episodes.

“Sister Who Makes Waves", adapted from a Chinese show, is set to air in October, with a lineup of 30 female artists.

The first four names have been revealed, including singer Thu Phương, singer Uyên Linh, actress Ninh Dương Lan Ngọc, and model Hà Kino.

MC Anh Tuấn, actor Quốc Trường, and model Lâm Bảo Châu take on hosting roles.

“Sister Who Makes Waves" is set to air in October. - Photo courtesy of organiser

A platform for rising stars

In terms of organisation, current music shows and talent search competitions on screen are praised for creating true musical spaces where young talents can comfortably perform without excessive pressure.

With the meticulousness of the Vietnam Idol 2023 judges, the audience eagerly anticipates the future brilliance of new voices, as names like Hà Minh, Lâm Phúc, Hà An Huy, Pia Linh, Hồ Võ Thanh Thảo, Thành Đạt, and Thanh Hiền show promising potential.

Huỳnh Thanh Tuyền, deputy general director of Cát Tiên Sa Company, says that to become a champion, candidates need to meet four criteria, namely comprehensive musical ability, stage presence, personal brand on social media platforms, and a large fan community.

On a different note, “Rap Việt" Season 3 also introduced many talented contestants, including rap artists Rhyder, Pháp Kiều, and Double2T.

In particular, Double2T, whose real name is Bùi Xuân Trường, was successful in delivering distinctive rap performances, incorporating traditional ethnic elements like the singing style and the sound of a tính, which is a traditional Vietnamese string instrument.

According to judge JustaTee, Double2T's strong identity as a "mountain man" and a "genuine rapper" had already sparked attention in the Vietnamese music scene with his song À lôi, released in July and was widely noticed by the youth on social media.

In The Masked Singer show, although participants are experienced singers, the competition has offered lesser-known voices opportunities to shine, resulting in success post-competition for participants like O Sen - Ngọc Mai, Hươu Thần - Mai Tiến Dũng, Lady Mây - Myra Trần, and Miêu Quý Tộc - Hà Nhi.

This year, with a majority of young participants, masked singers like Voi Bản Đôn, Hà Mã Hippo Happy, Ong Bây Bi, Kỳ Lân, Chuột Cherry and Sứa Thủy Tinh, who have demonstrated their talent through impressive performances, are likely to become more renowned after the competition ends.

Composer Huy Tuấn affirms that contemporary music shows and singing competitions are evolving to align positively with the new era and audience preferences, all with the singular aim of discovering authentic musical talents.

Present-day shows and singing competitions must successfully identify deserving talents to act as stepping stones for their future careers, he adds.

This approach ensures their transformation into quality brand names, cementing their strong positions with audiences. - VNS

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