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Singer Mỹ Anh releases special CD for debut album


Details of 'Em•Me Deluxe Version'. Photo courtesy of the artist

HÀ NỘI  Young singer Trương Mỹ Anh has unveiled the deluxe version of her debut album Em.The Album ( in Vietnamese) and Me.The Album (in English), which were previously launched on digital platforms in January and February, respectively.

The album quickly sold out after 24 hours of pre-orders, revealed the 22-year-old artist on her Facebook. It will be officially released on May 27.

Em•Me Deluxe Version was developed by a creative team who has previously worked on projects for other renowned Vietnamese singers like Sơn Tùng MTP, Soobin Hoàng Sơn, Wren Evans, and Văn Mai Hương.

It features songs written and composed by Anh in bilingual Vietnamese-English lyrics.

On Em•Me Deluxe Version, the separate images of the singer, featured in the previous twin albums, have been merged together using lenticular printing technique.

This technique creates a visual effect that combines the two portraits, creating a dynamic and eye-catching image. Lenticular printing, known for its use in the popular holographic cards in the 90s, has recently made a comeback with corner-rounded card designs in the K-pop industry.

As the disc rotates, the audience will see the two versions of Anh, Em and Me, moving and circling around the edge of the disc, creating an intriguing visual experience.

This effect has been successfully applied before in the album Gieo by Ngọt indie band, which was designed by the creative artist Duy Đào. It was nominated for a Grammy 2024 in the category of Best Album Design. 

'Em•Me Deluxe Version' will be officially released on May 27. It has been sold out after 24 hours of pre-orders.  Photo courtesy of the artist

Anh will introduce one of the new songs from Em•Me Deluxe Version, Bonus Track A, through a self-produced music video on May 14.

After the release of the CD Em•Me Deluxe Version, the collection of 22 songs from the album will also be widely introduced on digital music platforms under the name Em•Me (Full Circle).

Released in January, Em is a music album that showcases the R&B and Neo-soul colours, which align with Anh's musical style, and it has received a positive response.

In her debut album, the singer maintains her unique music-making approach by combining various layered sounds, creating a distinctive style when it comes to her music.

Anh also wrote all the lyrics for the album in Vietnamese, despite English being her forte since the early days of her presence on the Vietnamese music scene. One month later, the Me version was released, with the songs translated into English.

Anh is the youngest daughter of Vietnamese celebrated singer Mỹ Linh. She has had a passion for singing since childhood and began her independent music career in 2020. Anh is a singer-songwriter who also produces her own music videos.

She was a runner-up in the music competition The Heroes. She performed at the Head in the Clouds music festival in Los Angeles, the US, in November 2021. In early 2022, she received the Outstanding New Face Award at the Làn Sóng Xanh (Green Wave) Music Awards.

The young artist has released a children's music album called Bài Hát Cho Bi (Songs for Bi) in 2016, together with several singles such as Got You, Lời Cảm Ơn (Thanks) and Mỗi Khi Anh Nhìn Em (When You Look at Me).  VNS




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