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Transforming "The Legend of U Va" into exquisite tourism experience in Điện Biên

A scene from the show "Legend of U Va".

Mai Giáp

ĐBP — The real-life show "The Legend of U Va," has made its debut in Điện Biên, offering visitors a novel and enchanting encounter with the Thái people's distinctive culture, Điện Biên online reports.

Following its initial success, the province's relevant agencies are striving to develop "The Legend of U Va" into a unique show for Điện Biên. This endeavor aims to foster connections between communities and businesses, resulting in captivating and pervasive artistic shows.

During the Hoa Ban Festival 2024, the spellbinding performance of "The Legend of U Va" took centre stage for four magical nights, captivating delegates, residents, and tourists. The cultural home of U Va Village received eager audience, and due to overwhelming demand, two additional performances were added on the evening of March 13. This showed the "heat" from this unique performance programme of Điện Biên. Following these triumphant showcases, the performances were temporarily suspended to facilitate the transition to a professional agency. This agency handles everything from lighting, sound, props, and costumes. Moreover, a troupe of professional actors replaced the 20 actors from the event organisation who participated in the mid-March performances.

Since the beginning of April 2024, the provincial art troupe has taken charge of "The Legend of U Va" and is diligently preparing to bring the show back to the stage.

Điêu Thị Thực, the head of the provincial art delegation, emphasised their commitment to preserving, harnessing, and promoting the show's intrinsic value. They aim to continue introducing legends, historical narratives, and the unique cultural traditions of the Thái people, intricately linked to tourist destinations. The troupe aims to cater to the educational and experimental desires of tourists. Most notably, their objective is to transform the show into an extraordinary show that vividly portrays the culture and history of the land and people of Điện Biên. Consequently, the group has assumed responsibility for all aspects of the show while simultaneously choreographing and reimagining the roles for professional actors. They are fervently practicing and planning to perform from April 30 to May 3 at U Va Village, situated in the Noong Luống Commune of Điện Biên District, to continue captivating the attention of locals and tourists in the foreseeable future.

"At present, the delegation is working on estimating the required funding for programme staging, costumes, props, and training, adhering to current regulations. We are also focusing on installing sound and lighting equipment for rehearsals and performances," Thực said.

“The dance team works meticulously in choreography, rehearsing the show. Professional actors have been invited to ensure smooth progress. Rehearsals are scheduled to commence at 8pm on April 29,” Thực added.

Visiting the cultural house of U Va Village on a mid-April day, one can witness that most props from the performance over a month ago remain intact. The bamboo seating tiers of the stage still stand gracefully. Only a few faded scarf strips hang around the cultural house. However, this space remains primed to host future shows. Most importantly, the people of U Va Village yearn to bask in the vibrant ambiance of the show, complete with its kaleidoscope of colors, sounds, and lights.

Numerous tourists have attested that "The Legend of U Va" is not merely a live spectacle but an immersive journey delving into the history and culture of the Thái people. Consequently, it is entirely feasible for the show to continue its run, potentially on weekend evenings rather than daily performances. Furthermore, the show can be ingeniously interwoven with the natural splendor of the U Va hot mineral tourist area and U Va lotus pond. Such integration would elevate the show, diversify and enrich the province's tourism offerings, and expand the tourism map to encompass the Điện Biên district area. VNS

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