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TV series highlights Vietnamese culture in Tết

FAMILY FUN:Vĩnh Long Province Radio and Television Station (THVL) plans to broadcast the comedy-drama Ăn Tết Miệt Vườn (Tết in Homeland) highlighting the Vietnamese traditions and customs of the Tết holiday. — Photo courtesy of THVL

HCM CITY — Local television stations have lined up new TV series to entertain nationwide audiences during the Tết (Lunar New Year) holiday, which started on January 20 and ends on Jan 26.

Vĩnh Long Province Radio and Television Station (THVL) plans to broadcast the comedy-drama Ăn Tết Miệt Vườn (Tết in Homeland), which promises to bring many laughs and a lot of joy to people during the holiday.

The 20-part film highlights the traditional culture and customs of Tết in the Cửu Long (Mekong) Delta region, such as making bánh tét (cylinder glutinous rice cake), writing calligraphy, and worshiping ancestors.

Quách Khoa Nam, the film’s director, told local media: “The family union is always the major topic of film productions for Tết. However, I want to make something different, focusing on the unique traditions of Vietnamese people in the special holiday to introduce our country’s culture to audiences, especially young people.”

The film stars veteran actors such as Meritorious Artist Công Ninh, People’s Artist Thanh Điền, and young actors Ngọc Lan, Quốc Thái and Xuân Văn.

Nam said every member of the crew worked hard to make the film perfect.

Because the film was made before Tết, it took them a lot of time to create settings for Tết, including hundreds of pots of flowers, to bring a joyful and fresh atmosphere to the work.

He said: “Despite working hard, we are truly happy to bring a quality production to audiences in Tết.”

TẾT ROMANCE: Romantic-comedy Có Hẹn Với Yêu Thương (Time for Love) promises to bring much joy to people during the holiday. — Photo courtesy of the THVL

In addition, THVL introduces another romantic-comedy, Có Hẹn Với Yêu Thương (Time for Love), directed by Xuân Phước.

Phước said: “The film is expected to bring joyful moments to people in a special holiday, and can heal their soul as well.”

The 40-episode film features young people’s journey to return to their homeland in the Mekong Delta from HCM City. Through the journey, they find their love of the land and its people, and particularly their true love.

It features around 60 favourite actors and actresses such as Huỳnh Đông, Lê Bê La, Meritorious Artist Trịnh Kim Chi, Phi Phụng and Hoàng Sơn.

Both Ăn Tết Miệt Vườn and Có Hẹn Với Yêu Thương have been broadcast on THVL1 since January 16.

Meanwhile, the HCM City Television (HTV) will present the six-episode comedy Bà Chủ Vắng Nhà (When the Host is not at Home).

Nguyễn Lê Minh, the film’s director, said: “The film focuses on many people’s concerns when Tết is coming. However, Tết is a time for union when all family members get together to prepare for the most special time of the year.”

Minh added that the work would also highlight familiar images in Tết to all Vietnamese people.

Bà Chủ Vắng Nhà will air on HTV7 from today, January 22, till Jan 26. — VNS

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