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TV series about family values to release for Tết season

TẾT ENTERTAINMENT - Vietnamese culture and lifestyle are highlighted in TV shows and programmes for the Tết (Lunar New Year) holiday on television stations in HCM City and southern provinces. Photo courtesy of the producer.

VĨNH LONG — Love, marriage and family are the themes of a TV series produced by Vĩnh Long Radio & Television. 

The 19-part series, Tết Sum Vầy (Happy Tết), shows a family living in a rural area of Vĩnh Long Province. It portrays Vietnamese family traditions in the Lunar New Year or Tết holiday.  

It focuses on Ba Chánh and his wife, who worked hard to support their four children to study and develop their careers in big cities. 

Chánh asks all his children and grandchildren to return home to celebrate Tết. From the 23rd to the 30th day of the last month of the lunar year, his family members get together to visit the graves of ancestors, inviting them to celebrate Tết with the family. 

They also cook Tết meals, including bánh tét (a sicky rice cake), to offer to the ancestors. 

In the first days of the new year, Chánh gives lucky money to his children and grandchildren, and wish for a prosperous and lucky year. They visit pagodas in the town to pray for good fortune. 

RURAL LIFE - A scene in the 19-part series Tết Sum Vầy (Happy Tết) - a TV show featuring farmers living in a rural area in Vĩnh Long Province. The show by Vĩnh Long Radio & Television celebrates the Lunar New Year or Tết holiday. Photo courtesy of the producer. 

The film’s producer, Nguyễn Sơn, shows the traditional values kept by different generations in the rural areas of the South. Women and their difficulties in modern life are also highlighted.

“Our series is aimed at the farming community, where entertainment shows and films on television and radio usually rule the roost,” he said.  

Sơn‘s staff travelled and worked with local farmers of Vĩnh Long to capture beautiful scenes of traditional culture and rural life. 

He invited famous artists Việt Anh, Ngân Quỳnh and Hiếu Hiền to play leading roles.

Vĩnh Long Radio & Television has produced a series of TV shows, dramas and music programmes to entertain audiences during Tết, which begins on February 10. 

These productions centre on rural life to help people learn new things about farmers and their work. 

The show Tết Sum Vầy will air on THVL at 8pm every Monday and Saturday starting on January 26. Tết programmes will begin on January 29.— VNS 

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