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Vietnam Idol 2023 announces winner after seven-year hiatus

21-year-old Hà An Huy has become the winner of Vietnam Idol 2023. Photo courtesy of Vietnam Idol 2023

 HÀ NỘI Surpassing other talented opponents, contestant Hà An Huy from Hà Nội has triumphed Vietnam Idol 2023 with the highest voting rate from the audience. Contestants Hà Minh and Lâm Phúc hold the runner-up positions.

At Vietnam Idol 2023, the 21-year-old was consistently highly appraised by the judges from the early rounds. Throughout each live show, the vocalist maintained a stable performance level, continuously adapting to suit the themes presented by the organisers.

Compared to the remaining contestants, Huy is also versatile and has a distinct style. In the finale, he performed a self-composed song titled Rơi (Falling). His youthful and modern performance received high praise from the judging panel. Singer Mỹ Tâm praised Huy for his refined vocal abilities and strong songwriting skills, affirming that he would even more success ahead in the future.

Through numerous challenges of the competition over the course of more than two months, Huy gradually showcased his musical, earning the affection of the audience through high vote counts.

Prior to the finale, the singer was predicted by many to secure the top position in the competition, as he encompassed the qualities required to become a new-generation music idol—this year's new criteria for Vietnam Idol. He finally surpassed the two other competitors in the top three to claim the highest title with 43.7 per cent of the audience's votes.

“This is a dream I never thought of before. I am proud of my efforts thus far and will strive even harder to be worthy of this title,” he said on being announced as the winner of the reality singing contest.

Huy is born into a family with an art tradition. His grandmother is artist Thúy Mơ, Deputy Director of Hải Dương Chèo (Popular Opera) Theatre, while his mother is chèo artist Minh Phương, currently working at the Voice of Vietnam Radio. Huy is currently a final-year student majoring in Applied Music at Thăng Long University.

The winner of Vietnam Idol 2023 said he wanted to dedicate this victory to his grandmother and mother for instilling a love for music in him from his family.

Vietnam Idol made a comeback after a seven-year hiatus, returning in early July. It is the Vietnamese adaption of the popular reality television show Pop Idol from the UK, which first aired in 2007.

Throughout its seven seasons, Vietnam Idol has discovered many talented singers, with previous champions including Phương Vy, Quốc Thiên, Uyên Linh, Ya Suy, Nhật Thủy, Trọng Hiếu, and Janice. VNS

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