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Vietnamese-American artist develops music for children

ENTERTAINING THE KIDS: Artists from the HCM City-based private Trương Hùng Minh Drama Troupe are working to expand Vietnamese drama among children and young people. Photo courtesy of Trương Hùng Minh Drama Stage

HCM CITY — Vietnamese-American comedic artist Việt Hương, who has 30 years in the industry, challenged herself to write and direct a musical for children in HCM City. 

She has developed Mễ Cốc Phiêu Lưu Ký (The Prince of Cereal World), a production staged by young artists from the newly-opened private Trương Hùng Minh Drama Troupe. 

The show highlights bravery, self-respect, honesty and friendship. 

It is about Prince Mễ Cốc, who takes a trip with many challenges and danger things to discover the world and protect his people. 

During his travels, the prince learns and helps poor famers to plant and grow rice in the fields. 

Hương and her producer decided to spend more than VNĐ1 billion (US$40,000) on making many beautiful outfits, accessories and stage designs for the play. 

“We are working to provide children and young audiences with a new concept and techniques in Vietnamese drama,” said the play’s director Hương. “As a comedic artist, I use stand-up comedy to bring laughter and meaningful life lessons to my fans.” 

Hương used child actors Tú Vi, Su Su and Bảo Bảo as lead characters. 

SUMMER FUN: Artists from the private Trương Hùng Minh Drama Troupe of HCM City will offer drama and musical shows based on Vietnamese folk stories for children this summer. —Photo courtesy of Trương Hùng Minh Drama Stage

Hương’s show, Mễ Cốc Phiêu Lưu Ký, is part of the long-term theatre programme launched by Trương Hùng Minh Drama Troupe last year. 

The event, titled Chuyện Thần Tiên (Fairy Tales), offers a series of new drama and musical plays for children. 

The shows will be based on Vietnamese folk stories and fairy tales set in traditional culture and lifestyles. 

The programme’s first production, Cây Tre Trăm Đốt (The Hundred-Knot Bamboo Tree) was staged last summer and left a strong impression on young audiences. 

The play is about a young, poor farmer who works for a wealthy landowner. 

His boss promises to reward him with a wedding to the landowner’s beautiful daughter after three years of hard work. When the time comes, the landowner refuses by asking him to find a bamboo tree with one hundred knots in the forest. 

The farmer finally uses his clever mind to win the game and takes his bride to go home. 

“Our theatre attracts young actors from art schools. We offer drama and musical shows, and stand-up comedy performances aimed at children and young people,” said the theatre’s founder and director Minh Nhí. 

Nhí, in co-operation with his partners, opened Trương Hùng Minh Drama Troupe in 2022. 

The new show Mễ Cốc Phiêu Lưu Ký will be staged every weekend morning and night at 22 Vĩnh Viễn Street, District 10, starting on May 17. — VNS

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