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Vietnamese artist gaining regional recognition

Artist Chi Pu. Photo laodong.vn

Vietnamese artist Chi Pu is currently popular in China after her successful debut on the Chinese television show Ride the Wind 2023. Three years ago she was honoured on the Forbes’ list of the Asia Pacific's 100 most influential digital stars.

She also plays leading role in the horror movie Mười: Lời Nguyền Trở Lại (Mười: The Curse Returns) which was a nominee for Cánh Diều Vàng (Golden Kite) Award's Best Picture category.

Thế Giới Điện Ảnh (Cinema World) magazine reporter Thu Hà interviews the artist about her career development. 

It is a milestone in your career to be popular outside Việt Nam after attending the Chinese television show 'Ride the Wind 2023'. How has this changed your life?

The year 2023 is like a ray of light, a new beginning in my life and career, bringing me many new opportunities, new playgrounds and new experiences.

As someone who loves to explore, I feel I am experiencing some wonderful days. I don't know where this path will lead me yet, but with a good start and many opportunities ahead, I'm enjoying every moment of this year full of new things.

The most obvious change is the positive energy I am personally feeling every day. I am very grateful for this opportunity that has given me a playground to learn many things from international friends. I also try my best to become better and better.

Currently, I am working in parallel between two countries, my schedule is busier than before and I have to travel quite a lot. But I enjoy this busyness. My life has more colours and more friends.

During my time working in China, I also take advantage of my free time to explore many places. As a person who loves to travel, when I go to new places I don't feel strange, but very excited to learn about life, culture and cuisine.

You are not only honoured at the show in China but you are also a representative of Vietnamese talented artists. What pressure did you feel when taking part in the show?

When performing in an international arena, there will inevitably be times of great pressure. Therefore, I always put in a 200 per cent effort with the hope that the performances in the show can make myself and the Vietnamese audience proud.

During the show, I received a lot of support from the Vietnamese audience, so I gained great strength and confidence to perform all rounds well. 

Every time a new episode airs, I read the audience's sharing and comments on social networks to see how people react to my performance. And the audience's love and support motivate me to become more and more confident at the show.

After the show, you received an invitation from another show in China entitled 'A Delicious Guess'. What is your ambition?

I think that, once a person steps out of their comfort zone, the first thing to do is congratulate them for their courage.

I myself did not encounter difficulties when there were language and cultural differences. However, I always remind myself to keep a positive attitude when facing any difficulties.

Receiving the attention of audiences not only domestically but also internationally is a blessing, so I will have to focus and complete what I'm doing well.

The shows in China that I have been participating in are like a springboard for me to go further in my career, finding more new opportunities for myself.

Now is just the beginning, I hope that there are still many interesting things in the future waiting for me.

Will you make a music video or have a new role?

I'm still looking for an interesting role, with new colours, and a character that the audience has never seen before. Meanwhile, I will also continue to prepare for my music projects. Hopefully, audience will always love and support my upcoming products.

Are you satisfied with your achievement?

I feel very grateful that I determined the path I wanted to take very early. I began to work in the entertainment industry when I was 16 years old. At present, I am more mature and gaining experiences. 

At the age of 30, I find myself still full of enthusiasm to realise more ambitions and turn dreams into reality.

For me, any profession has difficulties, sometimes it is not supported, and there are people who point out your weakness to you. But you should consider those as things that should happen in life. 

It is an opportunity for me to reflect on myself and create a better version thanks to my constant efforts to improve myself. Difficulties and stumbles are preparations for the good things we want to receive in the future.

Personally, after I have gone through so many ups and downs and now receive love and support, I appreciate it a hundred times. - VNS

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