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Vietnamese fashion designer launches áo dài collections celebrating Việt Nam - Australia friendship

Two designs in Hoa's latest áo dài collection promoting Việt Nam - Australia friendship. Photo courtesy of Eleven S

HÀ NỘI Vietnamese fashion designer Trần Phương Hoa has introduced her latest exclusive áo dài (Vietnamese traditional dress) collection for the Roadshow Vietnam – HCM City Tourism show which has started in Australia.

Two designs from the Prosperity collection have already been revealed to the public by Vietnamese tourism ambassadors to Australia, Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Châu and reigning Miss Universe Vietnam Bùi Xuân Hạnh.

The two áo dài incorporate a variety of fabric materials such as sheer chiffon, taffeta and silk in vibrant shades of yellow.

The design worn by Châu is inspired by the golden wattle flower, the national flower of Australia. This vibrant bloom was chosen as the national flower in 1988 and symbolises unity, endurance and the courage of the Australian people. 

The golden áo dài, is striking, with a bodice incorporating flared sleeves to add a touch of elegance.  A cluster of golden and lemon flowers, crafted from felt, fabric and adorned with beads, cascades from the shoulder, creating a captivating focal point. The flowing hem of the áo dài is crafted with layered and wide fabric swaths, reminiscent of the graceful gowns worn by noble ladies.

The design for Hạnh is based on a more traditional silhouette with a high triple-layer collar, fitted sleeves and a flowing hem. The ochna blossom pattern was crafted by talented artisans using pleated fabric and embellished with beads. The garment features wide flared sleeves and a soft layer of draped chiffon over silk, creating a gentle and sophisticated look. The pattern is also a symbol of spring in the sunny and warm southern region, woven together to represent the dynamism of HCM City.

The fashion designer and her team have been working on the collection for three months to prepare for the special art programme ,  Roadshow Vietnam – Hồ Chí Minh City Tourism in Australia which started on Monday. Each design has been meticulously crafted, from the early brainstorming of ideas through to fabric selection, careful dyeing and then hours of hand embroidery and embellishments.

According to Hoa, the collection comes from a place of love, carefully infused with creativity and dedication, aiming to create a truly unique and meaningful showcase for the event.

It will be officially launched as part of an arts program within the framework of the Roadshow Vietnam – Hồ Chí Minh City Tourism in Australia. The event will feature the participation of Misses Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Châu and Bùi Xuân Hạnh, as well as many other models.

As ambassadors, Châu and Hạnh will participate in various activities related to the food, culture and arts of Việt Nam, such as making tò he (traditional figurines made from glutinous rice powder), painting conical hats, traditional music and performances to celebrate the exquisite beauty of the áo dài.

Roadshow Vietnam – Hồ Chí Minh City Tourism in Australia is held by the HCM City Tourism Department, the Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Australia and the Consulate General of Vietnam in Sydney, following the success of the previous programme in 2023.

It will travel to two Australian states -  New South Wales on May 13-14 and Victoria on May 17 - with features highlighting all aspects of the nation's artistic and cultural fabric and the food, along with performances featuring the áo dài. 

The roadshow will offer the latest information on tourism products and services in Việt Nam and HCM City, as well as create opportunities for Vietnamese tourism businesses to meet with Australian partners such as tour operators, travel companies, the media, and the general public in Australia. VNS

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