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Vietnamese horror comedy released in US, Australia


 Young actor Jay Quân and actress Katleen Phan Võ in producer and director Lý Hải’s horror comedy "Lật Mặt: Nhà Có Khách" (Face Off: The Walking Guests), which was screened in the US on Friday, and will appear in Australia on May 15. Photo courtesy of the producer

HCM CITY – Vietnamese horror-comedy Lật Mặt: Nhà Có Khách (Face Off: The Walking Guests) will appear in selected cinemas in the US from May 10 and in Australia from May 15.

The film is a production of producer and director Lý Hải, who runs Lý Hải Production Studio in District 10. 

The film is about the homecoming of a young girl Vy who is with her fiancé and friends. Vy’s house is located in an isolated area where the group faces strange incidents.

The film features new faces Katleen Phan Võ, Jay Quân and Mạc Văn Khoa.

“I hope audiences in the US will enjoy the film’s comic story with the performances of new and young faces,” Hải said at the film's premiere in the US in May.

Hải was a well-known singer in the 1990s for his pop songs.

Lật Mặt: Nhà Có Khách was released in Việt Nam on April 12 and earned VNĐ60 billion (US$2.57 million) four days after its release.

The film is the forth sequel of Hải’s series Lật Mặt (Face Off).

The series includes Lật Mặt in 2015, Lật Mặt: Phim Trường (Face Off: Film Studio), 2016, and Lật Mặt: Ba Chàng Khuyết (Face Off: Three Disabled Men), 2018.
All three action comedies were successful, with earnings of VNĐ70 billion ($3 million), VNĐ80 billion ($3.43 million) and VNĐ85.5 billion ($3.66 million), respectively.

Lật Mặt: Nhà Có Khách is available at Garden Grove, Beuna Park, and San Jose in California, and will be screened in Houston, Texas from May 15.

The film will be released in Sydney and Melbourne on May 15. VNS



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