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VN movies score big at box office during Tết

HOT FLICK - Mai, a drama and romance movie by film producer and director Trấn Thành, has raked in VNĐ160 billion (US$6.54 million) since its release on February 10. Photo courtesy of the producer

HCM CITY — Vietnamese romance and comedy movies have achieved big profits during the Tết (Lunar New Year) holiday.

Mai, a drama and romance movie by film producer and director Trấn Thành, raked in VNĐ160 billion (US$6.54 million) and sold around 1.75 million tickets in just five days after being released on February 10, or Lunar New Year’s Day, according to the producer.

The 18+ film for adults features a story about a massage therapist named Mai, who faces misfortunes in life. After moving into an old apartment, she meets Dương, a rich young man who wants to experience a normal life. Both quickly fall in love.

The work features Phương Anh Đào, Tuấn Trần, Uyển Ân, and veteran actors such as People’s Artists Việt Anh and Ngọc Giàu.

Thành is known for producing high-grossing movies in Việt Nam.

His debut movie, Bố Già (Dad, I’m Sorry) in 2021, directed by Vũ Ngọc Đãng, earned VNĐ400 billion ($16.4 million).

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism chose the film as the Vietnamese entry for the Best Foreign Language Film Category at the 2022 Oscar Awards.

In 2023, Thành’s directorial debut Nhà Bà Nữ (The House of No Man) broke box-office records for Vietnamese films by earning VNĐ475 billion ($19.4 million). It sold 5.8 million tickets.

HOLIDAY ENTERTAINMENT - Director Nhất Trung’s comedy Gặp Lại Chị Bầu (Meet You Again), which also premiered on February 10, has collected VNĐ48 billion ($1.96 million). Photo courtesy of the producer

Like Thành, director Nhất Trung introduced his new comedy Gặp Lại Chị Bầu (Meet You Again) on February 10.

The movie has collected VNĐ48 billion ($1.96 million) so far, according to Box Office Vietnam, a box office analysis website.

The work revolves around Phúc, a young man with a passion for acting who has to navigate through many challenges in his life.

He coincidentally wanders into Mrs. Lê’s neighborhood. With friends he meets there, together they experience the most memorable days of their youth.

The film stars Anh Tú, Diệu Nhi, and Lê Giang in lead roles.

Both Mai and Gặp Lại Chị Bầu are still in cinemas nationwide.

Another movie, Sáng Đèn (The Light), was in cinemas on February 9 but stopped screening after two days.

The producers later announced the cast and staff worked enthusiastically to perfect the film, which is expected to be re-released on March 22

The film features a group of cải lương (reformed opera) artists in the South in the 1990s, focusing on the challenges they face to preserve their art. 

It also centres on the career of a veteran female performer, Hạnh, who makes sacrifices to pursue her dream and keep cải lương alive.

The film’s director, Hoàng Tuấn Cường, invited Meritorious Artist Lê Thiện to play Hạnh. Cải lương star Kim Tử Long and famous drama actor Hữu Châu are also featured. — VNS

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