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Well-known musician’s songbook for kids released

CLASSICS FOR KIDS: The cover of the songbook for children 'Bài Hát Lớn Lên Cùng Con' (Growing Old with the Songs) by veteran musician Phạm Tuyên. Photo courtesy of the publishing house. 

HCM CITY — A songbook for children by veteran musician Phạm Tuyên has been released to meet the needs of young audiences. 

The book, Bài Hát Lớn Lên Cùng Con (Growing Old with the Songs), includes 20 of the best songs that the artist has written and composed. 

It was collected by the artist’s daughter, reporter Phạm Hồng Tuyến. 

Tuyến selected these songs from many of his father’s works about children, love and childhood to celebrate the artist’s 94th birthday. 

The book includes famous songs in the 1970s-80s, such as Đêm Pháo Hoa (Firework Night), Cô và Mẹ (Female Teacher and Mom), Cả Tuần Đều Ngoan (Being Good Children All Week) and Trường Cháu Là Trường Mầm Non (My Kindergarten), which are still fresh today. 

“I hope my songs for children can improve the minds and souls of youngsters,” said Tuyên, formerly of the Hà Nội Music Association, at the book’s launching ceremony in Hà Nội on February 19. 

LIVING LEGEND: Veteran musician Phạm Tuyên meets fans at the launching of his songbook for children called 'Bài Hát Lớn Lên Cùng Con' (Growing Old with the Songs). — Photo courtesy of the publishing house. 

 Tuyên was born in Hải Dương Province. He had a great passion for music and was a self-taught musician when he was a boy. 

In 1947, he joined the resistance war against the French. In 1958, he moved to live in Hà Nội and worked for Radio the Voice of Việt Nam .  

Tuyên has composed more than 700 pieces of music. Many of his songs are

in praise of President Hồ Chí Minh and patriotism. 

One of his most famous songs is Như Có Bác Trong Ngày Đại Thắng (Uncle Hồ Seems to Be with Us on the Festive Day of Grand Victory). 

The song was composed in just two hours and recorded on April 28, 1975. It was broadcast in a special newscast on Radio the Voice of Việt Nam on April 30, when the prolonged war for South Việt Nam liberation and unification ended. It has since inspired and elated millions of Vietnamese people with its echoes of the nation’s triumph. 

He also wrote many songs for children and young people, and has released several music books. 

The book, Bài Hát Lớn Lên Cùng Con, featuring Tuyên’s songs for children, is published by the Kim Đồng Publishing House. — VNS

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