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Young Vietnamese rapper creating viral hits


Pháo wrote viral song 'Hai Phút Hơn' (More Than Two Minutes) when she was just 17 years old. Photo thethaovanhoa.vn

South Korean superstars like BTS or Black Pink danced to it. Hundreds of thousands of netizens have shared it. The breakout hit Hai Phút Hơn (More Than Two Minutes) by Vietnamese rapper Pháo has caused a sensation on social media, attracting millions of views.

Pháo, also known as Pháo Northside, whose real name is Nguyễn Diệu Huyền, was born in the northern province of Tuyên Quang in 2003. She gained recognition in the Vietnamese musical industry when she was only 17 being a contestant of King of Rap. Despite her young age, Pháo has showcased exceptional skills in fast-flow rap and talent in songwriting, which earned her second place in the competition.

After King of Rap, Pháo increasingly solidified her status as a rising star in the rap scene through the release of high-quality music.

One standout hit among them is More Than Two Minutes. The track with a catchy melody has taken the internet by storm, both in and outside Việt Nam, becoming a global sensation in 2021. Currently, it has surpassed 300 million views on YouTube and has become the first Vietnamese song to secure a spot in the Top 10 of Spotify's Global Viral Chart.

"Rap came to me like a friend. We shared emotions, and thoughts, and expressed our innermost feelings together. Rap has given me many opportunities to connect with the audience and those who love me. Rap is no longer just a job, but more like a life partner of mine,” Pháo told Thể Thao Văn Hóa (Sports & Culture) newspaper.

The rapper said that she was currently on a long journey, and the recent phase was just the beginning. Despite achieving many accomplishments, she continues to strive and make efforts to improve her skills and gain more experience.

Pháo considers herself to be an introvert, and music is where she can open up, freely expressing her emotions and thoughts.

She said she did not want to limit herself within any boundaries and was not afraid to explore various themes and genres in her music, embracing the opportunity to challenge herself.

While Pháo's previous songs often revolved around love or the ups and downs of life, her new song Một Ngày Chẳng Nắng (A Not Sunny Day) released last year is targeted towards young children. 

Pháo performs her new song 'Một Ngày Chẳng Nắng' (A Not Sunny Day) inspired by the popular children’s song 'Chú Voi Con Ở Bản Đôn' (Baby Elephant in Đôn Village). Photo thethaovanhoa.vn

Inspired by the popular children’s song Chú Voi Con Ở Bản Đôn (Baby Elephant in Đôn Village) by composer Phạm Tuyên, A Not Sunny Day quickly captured the attention of a wide audience with its youthful and fun melody, adorable lyrics, and catchy tune.

The past year has been a memorable one for Pháo as she collaborated with singer Phương Mỹ Chi in the music video Vũ Trụ Có Anh (The Universe Has You).

Both are from the Gen Z generation but pursue different musical genres. While Chi is known for her folk music style, Pháo possesses the freedom and modernity of rap. These two seemingly contrasting elements, however, are maximised by both young artists, as they know how to leverage the advantages of their respective genres. They find ways to combine traditional and modern music, creating a harmonious fusion between the two styles.

Pháo (left) collaborates with singer Phương Mỹ Chi in the music video 'Vũ Trụ Có Anh' (The Universe Has You).  Photo thethaovanhoa.vn

In this music video, Chi undergoes a significant transformation in terms of style. In addition to Pháo handling the rap portion, the song also features artists DTAP and Haison contributing to its lyrics. This helped The Universe Has You immediately climb the charts upon its release, captivating listeners.

Last year, Pháo had the honour of representing Việt Nam at two major cultural exchange programmes -- the Asia Song Festival in South Korea and the Round Festival in Indonesia.

In the 2024 Cống Hiến (Devotion) Music Awards that honour outstanding authors, works and programmes in music, and athletes and coaches voted by journalists, she was among the top five nominees for the Female Singer of the Year category.

"I feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to perform on major stages and dedicate myself to serving audiences nationwide. I was extremely surprised and proud of being included in the official top five nominations of the 2024 Cống Hiến Music Awards,” Pháo said.

“I am happy and proud that all of my efforts, no matter how small, have been noticed by the audience and respected journalists. More importantly, rap is being recognised equally in a prestigious music award." 

Talking about her plans, the 21-year-old rapper said she wished to get closer to the audience and portray herself as a Gen Z artist who is energetic, innovative, yet mature and grounded. By doing so, she aimed to foster a more loving and understanding perspective from older generations, particularly towards the future generation of Gen Z artists.

Pháo also revealed that she would dedicate more time to long-form projects this year. Currently, she is in the process of preparing for the production of a special EP.  VNS

Pháo is a rising star of Vietnamese rap.  Photo thethaovanhoa.vn


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